The 3D printed world is moving and shaking. The number of products you can buy is growing by the second. Some are wearable. Some are edible. Some are medical. And some are for your home. For the time being, it seems there are more not-so pretty things out there than stunners, but that’s why we’ve done a little research for you (as we like to do) and curated this list of the most beautiful home products you can buy. Get ready to impress all your friends by telling them, “Bee tee dubs, that’s 3D printed.”

1. Bottle Openers ($82): Beer and 3D printing have met. And trust us. They get along real well. Oh, and yes it’s true. 3D printed metal is one of the coolest things to have ever happened.

2. Rose Bouquet: This past V-day was somewhat major for the inhabitants of San Francisco. Why? Because we delivered these roses out to the masses. (via Brit + Co.)

3. The Mod Collective: Some triple-dee printed items feel a little too 3D printed. These are not those items. These are pretty. The use of technology is just a bonus. (via Fine Dining Lovers)

4. Kabel King Kong ($12): Berlin designed and made, this swinger can come to our lighting party any day of the week.

5. Jumbo: And since we’re on the topic of ridiculously cute 3D printed housewares, here’s a little elephant that we think should be your new toothbrush holder. (via Yanko Design)

6. Lovely Heart Paper Cup Holder ($30): You know what we should all stop doing? We should all stop using paper sleeves. They’re wasteful. And more importantly, not nearly as adorable as this.

7. Snap Together Mini Lamp: MakerBot is our preferred choice of 3D printer. Right now, they retail for around $2,100, which by no means is cheap, but it is closer to becoming accessible to the masses than any other models out there. And this little snap together lamp they created? It’s like LEGOs met home decor, and all things are suddenly right in the universe. (via MakerBot)

8. Pi Pencil Holder ($44): Math nerds, get ready to get pumped. This pencil holder is made of the first 546 digits of pi. We don’t know about you, but all of a sudden we’re crazy for a slice of banana cream.

9. Snowflake Garlands: We’re not trying to brag, but you guys do know that we have a few 3D printers at Brit + Co SF, right? Yeah, we made these with them. Ain’t no thang. (via Brit + Co.)

10. Wall Cleat ($65): Until someone finds a way to make cords beautiful, we will continually try to find ways to tuck them away and make them unassuming.

11. The Endless Chair: We don’t like to go around throwing out the word “epic” (okay, maybe we do), but this chair is just that. Dutch furniture designer Dirk Vander Kooij created a modern look using eco-technology. You’d never guess this little seat was made out of plastic from recycled refrigerators. Coooooool. (via The Bohmérian)

12. Twisted Triangle: & Design Shop out of Rotterdam knows exactly how to dovetail good design with technology. And here is an example of it in all its glory. (via 3dea)

13. Macedonia Space Divider: Room dividers are oh-so useful. We love open floor plans, but sometimes it’s nice to create little nooks for yourself. And this looker can do just that. (via Archi Tonic)

14. Old Pot, New Top: We kind of make a sport out of repurposing. So we can totally dig this Austrian-based designers beat. She took old porcelain pieces that had missing or broken tops and gave them new dapper little hats. (via Julia Landsiedl)

15. Plant Pot + Bookend: We like the way Matthijs Kok thinks. Rather than putting bright pops of colors in the obvious places, he hides them away, making for one lovely backdrop for your favorite succulent and one of the best bookends we’ve ever seen. (via Matthijs Kok)

16. Eragatory Thee Spoon ($347): This is one for the wedding registry. And at that price, you better have very generous and well-to-do guests attending your nuptials.

17. Biodegradable Utensils: 3D printed or not, we’re totally digging this set of disposable tableware, fashioned from molds of real fruits and vegetables by Chinese designer Qiyun Deng. Artichoke soup consumed with an artichoke spoon? You’re so meta. (via Dornob)

18. Bird’s Nest Egg Cup ($27): Because your egg needs a place to sit too.

19. iVictrola Gramophone ($40): Old timey meets new timey. Crowds go wild.

20. Bottle Lamp: This lampshade, made to sit on any bottle, inspired us to 3d print a pedestal and create our very own lamp. (via Brit + Co.)

21. PadFoot ($20): Finding a decent iPad stand is surprisingly hard to do. This one is a keeper for its simple design and lovely color choices.

22. Anchor Cookie Cutter ($8): 3D printed cookie cutters are hardly… well, cookie cutter. And Print Meneer out of The Netherlands has an entire line of them.

23. Pendant Lamps: Here’s a glimpse into perhaps the not so distant future. You’re messing about, hanging things on the walls and somehow you break one of your pendant lamps that hang over your kitchen island. No worries. You’ll just go to your MakerBot and print another one. Problem solved. Until that day comes, you can buy these. (via Studio Batch)

24. Cabinet Tout va Bien: You guys. Holy crap. (via BD Barcelona Design)

25. Washi Vases: As much as we love 3D printing, one of the major bummers is that an item can only be printed in one color at a time. But turn that monochromatic frown upside down. Washi tape is coming to the rescue once again. (via Brit + Co.)

26. Animal Lace: How these escaped our cruelty-free taxidermy post, we’ll never understand. The elephant alone can be yours for a cool $5,916. Pocket change, right? (via Linlin + Pierre-Yves Jaques)

27. Afillia: We’ve shown you the tabletop version of this light, and now we’re showing you the hanging version. (via Alessandro Zambelli)

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