Have you caught a glimpse of that street art that looks like a 3D object is standing in front of you when it’s really a drawing on the flat sidewalk? Or maybe you’ve seen a graphic that looks flat, but actually expands the length of a hallway. This is called an anamorphic illusion, and it’s difficult to nail, but when street artists do it, the results are absolutely stunning. (OK Go did a ton of this in a music video this summer.)

Portuguese street artist and lettering pro Odeith has makes anamorphic illusions out of his insanely elaborate type, with the help of abandoned corners where he can paint shadows on the ground to make the murals look even more three-dimensional.

Many of his glyphs are pointy and kind of look like they’re projecting right at you. Honestly, we would be a bit hesitant to approach one of these paintings because it just looks that realistic, but it’s just paint… right?

This is the first time we’ve seen these effects applied to typography and we have to say it really added another dimension to the words. (Hardy, har har.) This effect could look really beautiful in the corner of a nursery with a baby’s name painted 3D-style over their crib. Instructables has some great tips to get you started if you want to try the technique for yourself.

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(h/t Anamorphic)