We’re here at CES 2016 and there’s a whole convention center or two packed with cool new tech that we’re getting to touch and feel… and taste. We’ve been talking about 3D printing for awhile now and according to the CTA, with 179,000 units sold this year alone, it’s going nowhere. And while it’s not the first time 3D printing has taken on food, 3D printing in the culinary world is is rapidly refining and becoming a complete art form.


We stopped by the 3DSystems booth, a company that is pioneering 3D in the culinary industry with the release of their food printer ChefJet Pro, where they were displaying some of their latest and greatest printed food. Man oh man, is it breathtaking. The best part were we got to taste some samples.

William Hu, lead food designer at 3D Systems, recommended we try the passion fruit flavored candies because they’re “[his] favorite.” I choose a pair of sugary-looking interlocking cubes — a candy shape that could ONLY have been achieved by 3D printing — and pop it in my mouth. The sweet is made of mostly sugar and “passion fruit powder,” which I take to mean dehydrated and powdered passion fruit, and has a surprising spongy quality to it. For a sponge-textured candy, I have to say it’s pretty darn good.


They also had these GORG printed flower cupcake toppers that look hyperrealistic and would make amazing favors. Hey, brides-to-be, you paying attention?


Also, printed emoji candy! *Insert laugh till cry face here* FYI, these tasty suckers are blackberry flavored.

BRB, eating my way through CES.

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