It’s always so inspiring to see #girlbosses — like Emily Isabella, who quit her day job to become an illustrator, or Rachel ten Brink, co-founder of the perfume subscription service, ScentBird — who have made their personal passions into successful careers. Maybe you’re just jumping into the entrepreneurial game by turning your side hustle into a business, or perhaps you’ve been rocking the entrepreneur’s life for awhile. Either way, you know (or will soon learn) that along with all of the confidence and feels of fulfillment that come with running a business, heaps of stress are a definite reality at times. We chatted with four seasoned, female entrepreneurs about their tried and true methods for staying sane and self-caring in the midst of being a boss.

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1. Practice the three S’s: sweat, sleep and schedule. Our four entrepreneurs agree that no matter what industry you’re conquering, staying active, getting enough shut-eye and scheduling time off are the building blocks of a successful self-care routine. Freelance marketer, Sarah Choi, says she “sleeps as much as possible,” while restauranteur, Rebecca Thomas, says, “The most important thing is to sweat every day.” Thomas also swears by the list-making app, Wunderlist, while photographer, Morgan Hockensmith, organizes her workflow with Honeybook, a program designed with creative professionals in mind. Though they use different tools and priorities to stay on track, they’ve all found a perfect balance of the three S’s that works best for them. As for where to get the hours for self-care, Morgan Hockensmith shared, “It may sound ridiculous, but I literally have to schedule time off.” Otherwise, she’d probably never give herself a break.

2. Get your Om on in some way. Be sure to find time to clear your head in a way that’s best for you. For Morgan, that means “meditating once a day with the Headspace app.” Sarah has been staying centered by “practicing yoga for years,” she joked, “though my asana may not show it!” And for knitwear designer and photographer Leney Breeden, that means holding mornings as sacred. “Setting the tone of the day with a calmer and slower routine helps me stay disciplined and get focused accordingly for the rest of my day,” Breeden shared.

3. Find an activity outside of work that you enjoy. Morgan Hockensmith spilled how she busts out of her business-focused brain, telling us, “I’m currently a volunteer historian with the National Park Service, so I spend a few days a month at Chatham Manor in Fredericksburg, teaching people about history.” For Rebecca Thomas, it’s making time to hone her photography skills while walking around her historic neighborhood in Richmond, Virginia that keeps her from being work-overloaded. Leney Breeden has an enviable plant collection that requires daily TLC and gives her a non-work hobby to love on the side. Focusing your time and attention away from your business allows you to reconnect with other, essential, parts of yourself. Ultimately, it will enrich your experience as an entrepreneur, making you feel more grounded in both your business and your life.

4. Indulge in the small things. Rebecca starts her mornings with a “nicely made latte at a nearby coffee shop” and will often “use lunch time to connect with a friend.” She says that “balance is the word of the day. Being an entrepreneur requires focus and difficult decisions, so leaving room in your life for joy is essential.” Sarah often enjoys a glass of wine with a friend post-work (though, admittedly, she often misses happy hour), and Morgan says, “Sometimes you just have to get out of dodge for a day trip!”

5. Don’t wait until you’re stressed to practice self-care. As Morgan wisely put it, “We live in a fast-paced world and it’s easy to ignore these essentials when you don’t feel like you NEED them. But by practicing these skills in the good times, you will be more resilient in the bad times.” Sarah agrees, saying that “you have to take care of yourself first, because [as an entrepreneur] you are your best asset.”

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