Getting organized is the hardest part of life. Or maybe it’s staying organized. No matter where you fall on the organizational spectrum, we can all agree that life constantly gets in the way and things that you always mean to do get brushed aside. Cue: technology. This week, we’ve got five brand new apps that will help you kick-start an organizational spree and get all aspects of your life in order. Whether it’s your bank account, nutritional intake or email inbox that needs to get streamlined, these apps will help you get there.

1. Fly Cash: Just pretend like your best friend is also your money manager. With this new app, just send a text every time you make a purchase (you can totally use emoji and slang) and the app will record your money-spending habits. You can also track your spending with hashtags and emoji — plus the app will help you manage your money and save for upcoming events.


DL It: Free on iOS

2. Cool Cousin: This new travel app is kinda revolutionary in one way — it will hook you up with ACTUAL LIVING PEOPLE in the place you’re traveling to. It won’t just offer some vague recommendations. You can follow a real person’s real recommendations and, if you like their suggestions, you can message and ask for advice. And if all goes really well, you can arrange to meet IRL and get a real local’s tour of a city.


DL It: Free on iOS

3. Bitesnap: Put Artificial Intelligence to work for you as your official food companion. This rad new app will help you track your nutrition if you just take a picture of your meal before you eat (which, face it, you’re probably already doing for Instagram).


DL It: Free on iOS and Android

4. WalkTo: There’s nothing we love more than a two-fer. This rad new app recommends local small businesses within walking distance, tracks how far you’ve walked and then offers you deals once you reach your destination. Save money, get healthy and support local businesses. It’s actually a three-fer.


DL It: Free on iOS and Android

5. Chuck: How much junk mail could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck junk? This new app lets you power through organizing your inbox. If emails have been stacking up and you’re dreading sorting through them, download this app first and then spend your newfound free time drafting the makers of the app a thank-you email.


DL It: Free on iOS

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