Busy Girl Beauty School: The Perfect 5-Minute Fall Makeup Look
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Busy Girl Beauty School: The Perfect 5-Minute Fall Makeup Look

Meet Nikki Wilson, one of our fave West Coast makeup artists with a sick Instagram game and a love for all things beauty. In our monthly series, Busy Girl Beauty School, Nikki will show you pro makeup tricks + tips for making the most of those extra five minutes in the mornings, one selfie at a time. Follow her at @nikkiartistry for killer beauty inspo.

I have fully embraced the changing season because it’s also meant I can switch up my typical beauty routine to something that’s more fall-appropriate — and let’s be honest, who doesn’t want an excuse to try on new lipstick shade?!

So, for the first installation of Busy Girl Beauty School — a series that shows that those five minutes you have to spare is all you need to look like a bombshell — I’m DL-ing you guys on my go-to autumn goddess makeup look. With the holidays being right around the corner, I wanted this look to feel a little inspired by what you might find on your table this season (think: pumpkin pie + cranberry). I love neutral colors for day-to-day makeup because they go with any outfit and keep my look defined, yet understated. That said, I’m constantly looking to bronze eyeshadow this time of year — I must own 47 million of them! I wanted to mix it up, get out of a makeup rut and step outside my comfort zone this season, but still feel “wearable,” which is why I love bronze. Since berry shades are so on trend as a lip color, I thought, “Why not on the eyes instead?” These two colors combined complement each other perfectly. Plus, the purple hues in the berry enhance every eye color, so if you want a pop, swipe some of this shade on your peepers. There’s a bit of elegance with the shimmer, yet it looks extremely effortless. Here’s how to get the look, busy girls:


Use a flat eyeshadow brush to pack on a bronze-y shadow like Colourpop’s Gameface ($5) all over your primed lids. Layer it more heavily around the lash line and then softly blend it so that it fades naturally at the crease.


For a little more depth and dimension, sweep your favorite bronzer in the crease of your eyes with a fluffy brush. This also makes a great transition color.


Apply a cranberry colored eyeshadow or eyeliner on your waterline and bottom lash line. Then soften the edges with a fluffy blending brush. I’m using Trish McEvoy’s 24-Hour Eyeliner ($33) in the shade “Glamourous.”

Finish by curling and coating your lashes with mascara — I’m using Giorgi Armani Eyes to Kill Excess Mascara ($32). Don’t forget your bottom lashes!

Five minutes later… total fall perfection that you can apply day or night. I’m keeping this look up my sleeve for when I need a quick refresh between the time I get the turkey out of the oven and serve it to fam + friends.

What’s your favorite five-minute makeup routine? Tell us in the comments below.