The holiday season is in full swing at Brit + Co HQ. We’re playing holiday classics and ideating lots of fun ways to spread some good ol’ holiday cheer. This year especially, we’re making it a priority to embrace the joy of giving. What better way to do that than by showing appreciation to a few of our unsung heroes — people who touch our everyday life in ways that oftentimes go unnoticed.


With the help of JCPenney, we’re adding six unexpected people to our holiday shopping list this year. From the go-getter trainer who constantly pushes us to the fitness limit, to the jolly postal worker who delivers our mail every morning, it’s time to spread a little joy to the folks who totally deserve the recognition! This season, let’s add an extra seat to the dinner table and wrap a few more gifts. Now that’s #JoyWorthGiving.

The #GirlBoss Mentor

You know who this is. She’s an old grade-school teacher whose lessons constantly serve as mantras in our day-to-day life, or maybe a workplace motivator who knows the value of working hard to play hard. We’ve lined up a few gifts that are perfect for the one who constantly inspires us.

  1. Mixit Get Organized Planner: With all the amazing endeavors she’s constantly undertaking, she’ll need ways to stay organized. Give the gift of organization with this adorable planner, packed with sticky notes and tons of mini compartments.
  2. #Shimmer Mixit Travel Mug and Notepad Set: Because she’s running between meetings and her desk and sometimes she needs a nice reminder to #shimmer and stay hydrated.
  3. Women’s San Francisco 49ers Puffer Vest: Help her stay warm while repping her favorite team with something from JCPenney’s Sports Fan Shop.
  4. Womens Watch and Bracelet Set: From jet setting to meetings and more, she’s continuously looking for easy ways to look put together. Give her the gift of some sparkles and time with this watch and bracelet set.
  5. Towle® Set of 2 Hammered Copper-Plated Moscow Mule Mugs: Let’s face it — there are days when she’ll need to enjoy a cup of bubbly or a tasty Moscow mule. What better way to wind down than with this pretty copper mug set?

The Magic-Working Stylist

Be it your go-to hairdresser or transformational tailor, they all deserve some extra love this holiday season. To thank them for all the magic-working moments, we’ve picked out a few gifts to help them stay stylishly warm and glammed up for the holiday season.

  1. Nicole by Nicole Miller Cold Shoulder Cowl Neck Sweater: Because she’s always in need of trendy, versatile pieces to help her go from a cute work look to a flirty night out. This cold-shoulder sweater is a perfect winter staple to keep the compliments coming.
  2. Mixit Cold Weather Scarf: Keep her looking chic and warm with this fur-lined circle scarf. It’s bound to be a go-to for her cold-weather wardrobe.
  3. Big Sexy Hair Holiday Gift Set: She’s constantly thinking about how to make her clients stand out. Why not help *her* stand out with this extra volumizing and texturizing trio? It’s sure to give her holiday party hair stellar volume.
  4. The Wet Brush Pro Select Blowout Brush: Complement the hair holiday set above with this carbon fiber barrel brush. Designed to fight the wear and tear of high heat and common salon chemicals on hair, this brush is sure to be a great addition to any hair care set.
  5. Bite Beauty Best Bite Redux: From vampy to classic, this bold lip crayon set has a rich assortment of shades to keep her winter lip game strong.

The Unofficial Nieces and Nephews

Chances are you know a few kids who aren’t exactly your nieces and nephews, but you see them often enough that they might as well be. For all your friends’ children or your cousin’s baby cousins, we’ve drummed up some fun holiday gifts for all the kiddos in your life.

  1. 4-Piece Batman Pajama Set: For the little one who believes he’ll be the next Batman, help him make his dreams come true with this four-piece pajama set.
  2. Okie Dokie® Yawn 2-Piece Sleep Pants Set: She’s the elite preschooler who is curious about all things around her and somehow finds it hard to sleep before 10pm. Give her the gift of cute comfort with this adorable pajama set.
  3. Crosley Cruiser Deluxe Portable Turntable: For the teenager who loves music, share the beauty and art of record players with this charming suitcase-style turntable.
  4. Tzumi Dream Vision Virtual Reality Headset: He’s into video games and loves fantasy novels. This VR headset is sure to be his delightful escape, transporting him to another world of action-packed adventure.
  5. Disney Collection Anna and Elsa Dolls: These ice skating Anna and Elsa dolls are sure to bring hours of Frozen fun to any playtime. Get ready to sing and dance the night away with your favorite little ones.

The Go-Getter Trainer

Be it a personal trainer or your go-to yoga instructor, we’ve all got that favorite fitness teacher who helps us destress during an overwhelming week. Time to show them appreciation with a few winter essentials!

  1. Mixit™ Zig Zag Stitch Ombre Fringe Scarf: Be it an outdoor workout or a Sunday brunch, this ombre fringe scarf is a perfect addition to any wardrobe. It’s fashionable *and* functional.
  2. Flirtitude Cozy Fleece Sweatshirt: No trainer’s wardrobe would be complete without a sassy sweatshirt. Make her smile with this “I Slay” top.
  3. Mixit® Essentials Touch Tech Gloves: These touch tech gloves are perfect for those outdoor runs and workouts. Help her keep her hands warm even when she’s navigating her route or changing the playlist.
  4. HMDX Jam Replay Wireless Speaker: With its compact size, this durable speaker helps keep the energy levels high no matter where the party or work out is.
  5. Mixit Pineapple Water Bottle: She’s bound to need a little reminder to stay hydrated. Carrying this cute pineapple water bottle will make sure she does so.

The Go-To Babysitter

She’s there for all the times you’ve needed a day with your special someone. Watching over your little rascals is surely not an easy task, so think fun tech and winter apparel for this one.

  1. Tzumi™ Bluetooth Wireless Headphones With Built-In Microphone: After listening to the little ones ramble all night, it’s nice to have some solace with a headphones session. These wireless headphones are sure to be a delight for the evening podcast sessions or walks between school and her babysitting gigs.
  2. Womens Rose Goldtone Watch Boxed Set: Between acing her classes and finishing her babysitting duties, she is always on the go. Help her stay stylishly on time with this watch boxed set.
  3. V. Fraas Ombre Check Oversized Scarf: Babysitting in the winter could mean brutally cold commutes to and from work. Make sure she stays bundled up this holiday season. Give her a cute scarf to don for all her commutes between school, work and home.
  4. Tiara Reindeer Crew Neck Sweater: Because one can never have enough tacky Christmas sweaters for the holiday season. Add a fun twist to her wardrobe with this cute reindeer sweater.
  5. Tzumi Pocket Juice 4000 mAh Portable Power Bank Charger: That’s right — help her keep her phone charged. You never know when you’ll need to contact her as an emergency babysitter ;)

The Jolly Postal Worker

Be it your mailman or your newspaper delivery dude, you can always count on him to safely deliver your stuff. With all the holiday deliveries coming up, he’s sure to be a little more overwhelmed than usual. Take the time to say thanks and reduce some of his stress with these choice picks.

  1. Xersion Packable Puffer Jacket: Delivering mail can be especially tough in the bitter cold. This puffer jacket is perfect for these chillier months, as it’s water-resistant, wind-resistant and retains heat. Bonus points for being easy to fold up, making it the prime coat for storing or travelling.
  2. Xersion® Puff Cap: One could never go wrong with a nice puff cap for the winter months. These cool colored stripes are stylish and versatile for almost any wardrobe.
  3. Stafford® Herringbone Reversible Scarf: Albeit another winter accessory to adorn, this scarf proves its worth as reversible and water resistant… utility FTW!
  4. Men’s San Francisco Giants Adjustable Hat: Are you always talking to him about sports? Help him celebrate his team loyalty with a solid sports cap.
  5. Xersion® Textured-Mesh Multi-Grip Gloves: He’ll definitely appreciate these lightweight and textured-mesh gloves. Featuring Touch Technology, these gloves are designed to work with any touchscreen device, as well as provide added warmth for the winter deliveries.

And that’s a wrap! Imagine the smiles on their faces when they receive your gifts. You’re sure to be the crowd favorite this year. Now encourage someone else to do the same! If each and every person in the world added just one more giftee or thoughtful gesture to their list of to-dos, the world would feel so much fuller.

Who are you adding to your holiday shopping list? Share your gifting photos with us on Instagram by using the hashtags #britsagram and #JoyWorthGiving!

Styling: Karen Pham

Photography: Kurt Andre