When it comes to the ‘90s, there are some things we simply never got over — take ’90s beauty products like Victoria’s Secret Lovespell lotion and ’90’s recipes like Bagel Bites, to name a couple. Also on that list? All things Lisa Frank. Lucky for us, the brand has been making a MAJOR resurgence as of late, bringing back everything from party supplies to tarot decks and now (squee!), a clothing line. While we’d love to buy the entire collection and just call it a day, we know our limits. Since the entire line is made to order, the ordering process can take up to a month (25 days to ship from factory), but here are seven of our top must-have picks that are totally worth the wait.

unicorn dress

1. Majesty Simple Dress ($65): What’s NOT to love about a unicorn-emblazoned bodycon? Our favorite piece in the line, this Technicolor dream is machine washable (read: low maintenance) and fun.

lips leggings

2. Lips Black Leggings ($60): Printed leggings can be a tough wear due to the unforgiving nature of the fabric, but we think this lips-printed pair adds just the right touch of flair without drawing any unwanted attention to certain… areas.

bears crop top

3. Vintage Bears Crop Top ($49): It’s hard to go wrong with a crop top, but we’re partial to this vintage bears version (we had a thing for Care Bears, okay?), which can easily pair sweetly with a flared skirt or your favorite high-rise shorts.

kitten tank

4. Kitten Roses Tank Top: ($67): This pair of smiling kittens is sure to instantly brighten your day, along with anyone else’s who comes across you while sporting them.

hunter dress

5. Hunter Simple Dress ($65): One word: meowwww!


6. Character Collage Sweatshirt ($80): While we’re admittedly not typically into boxy crew neck sweatshirts (give us hoodies any day!), we’ll make an exception for this super sweet character collage version, which features all of our fave Lisa Frank buddies, from a smiling polar bear to an adorable tiger.

unicorn crop

7. Unicorn Rainbows Crop Top: ($49): If unicorns and rainbows aren’t the epitome of Lisa Frank fabulousness, we just don’t know what is.

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(Photos via RageOn)