When your sizzling sunglasses aren't protecting your eyes from the sun and/or concealing your glamorous visage, they need a portable home, a proper display, or just a way to hang when you're not wearing them. Here are 9 such ways to keep your sunglasses happy and hip.

1. Geometric Triangles Case ($49): Geometric shapes, bright colors, and leather – these are good for all seasons and just about any pair of shades.

2. Jonathan Adler Heart Case ($40): Perfect for the girly girl, this knit Jonathan Adler sunglass case is super sweet.

3. Snap Case ($30): We love the beachy colors this case evokes, and it doubles as a totally stylish summer clutch.

4. Hang Hers Glasses Organizer ($22): Got a TON of sunglasses to store? You're in luck. This glasses organizer fits snugly in your closet and can hold up to 10 pairs of sunglasses.

5. 18 Piece Eyewear Display ($30): Perhaps you need a more sleek display? One that you can stow away easily under the bed? This professional-looking number holds 18 pairs of sunglasses, and can be easily tucked away.

6. Bushakan Multi-Pair Glasses Stand ($95): Or maybe you have three solid pairs of sunnies that would be best incorporated into your design aesthetic? This gorgeous hardwood stand is carved out of one piece of wood, and is currently seeking funding for production on Kickstarter.

7. Beaded Eyeglass Holder ($20): Typically thought of as an accessory for reading glasses and grandmas, beaded eyeglass holders can actually be a super fun accessory, especially when paired with the right sunnies. The one pictured above is an Amazon find, but do a "Sunglass Chain" search on Etsy for DIY inspiration.

8. Crocheted Sunglass Necklace ($10): Definitely up for a DIY, this crocheted sunglass holder turns your shades into a piece of statement neckwear, and can easily be rocked sans sunglasses.

9. Croakies ($10): Lastly, we've got classic croakies. For days spent on a boat (you lucky duck), these are the best way to make sure you don't lose your favorite shades. You can even get a monogrammed set if, like us, you're a sucker for personalization.

Stay tuned all summer long for more ways to trick out your sunglasses here at Brit & Co.