Oh, the ’90s. How we love you so. While we’ve moved past you in many ways (hello, iPhones), there are oh-so-many things we miss about the pre-millennial decade. Case in point: all the beauty products. We’re happy to leave most of them in our awkward, braces-wearing past, but there are definitely a few we’re secretly wishing we could run out and buy right now – and surprisingly, probably you can! Scroll on down to relive 10 of the beauty products we’re guessing you always had on hand in the ’90s.


1. Bath and Body’s Cucumber Melon Lotion: Mmm, smells just like the girls locker room after gym class. Lather this all over your body and your fellow students definitely won’t smell the mile you pretended to run only when the teacher was looking. You can actually still get this same lotion from B+B, but for your co-worker’s sake, might we recommend opting for this more subtle version of the lotion instead. (Photo via From the Heartland)

2. Teen Spirit Deodorant ($3): Because why would you want to smell like fresh powder when you could smell like sweet strawberry, coconut, berry blossom or “pink crush”? Surprisingly, this product is still around. But if you want to be smelling fresh for those happy hour drinks we recommend you upgrade to the grown-up version, AKA Lady Speed Stick.


3. Bon Bons Nail Polish: They were oh-so-tiny and pretty much all you could afford with that meager weekly allowance. (Photo via One Tree Brands)


4. Metallic Lipgloss: No, we’re not talking about that lip color that has a hint of shimmer in it. We mean that gloss you bought at the drugstore that basically looked like a tube of liquid silver (think: Katherine Heigl’s lips in Wish Upon a Star). If you’re all about bringing this bold look back, grab a lipstick from Rhianna’s favorite beauty brand Free Spirits. (Photo via Leucadia Film Corporation)


5. Manic Panic ($14): Give that currently trending rainbow hair a ’90s spin by using some good old fashioned, Manic Panic. We can see your inner Gwen Stefani coming out already. Recommended application location: in your parent’s bathroom while they’re out having date night.


6. Great Lash Mascara ($5): Here’s one that is still in our makeup bag today. If you’re in need of a good, basic mascara Great Lash always has your back.


7. Roll On Body Glitter: You know you had it – or your best friend whose mom didn’t mind washing glitter-filled sheets had it. Before every major social event we’re guessing you rolled the scented stuff all over your chest and arms and then lived with it for the next week (or two), because this did NOT wash off. While the Bath and Body Works’ “Art Stuff” roll-on glitter is sadly no longer available, you can still give your summer festival attire a sparkly spin with this millennial version of the stuff. (Photo via Play Buzz)


8. Herbal Essence Shampoo ($3): It might not be the best thing you can put in your hair but, damn, did they smell good. As we grew up, Herbal Essences tried to grow with us, creating new modern bottles. But then in 2013 they realized all we really wanted was the shampoo of our youth and so, to our delight, they relaunched their ’90s design and their two original scents.


9. Sun In Hair Spray ($5): Why go to the salon when you can spritz this all over your hair, hang out at the beach (um, or on a towel in your BFF’s backyard) and get the same result?


10. Bonne Bell Dr. Pepper Chapstick ($2): We’re not totally sure if this lip gloss actually did anything to keep our pucker soft, but that might be because we always licked it off after about a minute of applying it. (Photo via Soap)

What beauty product do you miss most from the ’90s? Share with us in the comments below.

(Feature photo via Paramount Pictures)