One mention of classic teen brand Abercrombie & Fitch, and our minds instantly summon visions of $80 ripped jeans, moose embellished polos and a perfume so distinct you could smell it from a mile away. But that’s A&F of the past. Or at least, it wants to be. Last year the brand underwent a full revamp with their 2015 winter campaign. Gone were the racy ads that barely featured any clothing at all. Instead, the lookbook was replaced with outfits that actually seem wearable for adult life. Yes, really. Now the brand has just released their new fall lookbook, and damn, y’all. We might have to pay our old high-school haunt a visit.


While the collection follows a similar aesthetic to what they’ve been doing over the past year, Kristina Szasz is now the VP of women’s design. Szasz is the former denim design director from Tommy Hilfiger and Karl Lagerfeld. Throughout the fall lookbook you won’t find a trace of a tacky polo and graphic tee. In their place: chunky knits, work appropriate trousers, a sexy slip dress and a handful of crisp basics. A bit Everlane-inspired perhaps?


It’s all super wearable, nicely tailored and honestly looks nothing like the aesthetic we typically associate with the brand. Looks like we might just be hitting up the mall for those autumn wardrobe updates after all.

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(Photos via Abercombie & Fitch/Josh Olins)