We’re no strangers to weekend getaways, but there’s a certain trend that’s been ultra hot lately that we can’t wait to try ourselves. Adult summer camps are the ideal escape from the real world with classic activities like dodgeball and crafts — with all of the grown-up advantages (goodbye, curfews! hello, open bar!). This September, there’s a new-and-improved option coming to town. Camp Lindenmere, which has been operating as a top-of-the-line children’s summer camp for over 75 years, is opening their new Summer Camp for Adults, which pairs traditional camp activities with restaurant-quality food, modern and renovated facilities, open bar, and nightly parties. Uh, sign us up!

The directors and real-life couple, Craig and Monica Odiorne, actually *met* at camp (aww!). “Camp creates such a pure and natural setting that breaks down all of the social awkwardness you face throughout the rest of the year,” says Craig. “After so many years of running the summer camp, we knew there was a demand for adults to relive all of those amazing experiences that they did as kids.”

Campers can look forward to activities with unique programs, including flying trapeze and a state-of-the-art ropes course, and great food from a staff that was trained by the chef of the two restaurants the Odiornes own in Vail, CO. You can expect multiple entrees served at every meal, along with loaded salad bars, baked potato bars, and pasta bars to help you really feel like a kid again.

Located in the Pocono Mountains (just 90 minutes outside of NYC and Philadelphia), they’ll offer chartered buses leaving from NYC, Philadelphia, and New Jersey, so it’s a great way for people to meet other campers from their own local areas. To reunite the friendships that forge during their experience, Camp Lindenmere plans on hosting events throughout the year in each of these cities.

Since they suspect quite a few singles are attending with the intention to meet someone, the camp is partnering with the dating app, The League, to promote the experience. With the right combo of camp activities and good people, mixed with adult perks like an open bar, bands, and DJs, Camp Lindenmere is sure to create weekends that are magical lifetime experiences.

The first adult summer camp kicks off this fall: Labor Day weekend and September 15-17. General Bunk Room prices are $349 for Labor Day weekend September 1-4 (three nights) and $319 for the weekend of September 15-17 (two nights), with the option to upgrade to a private room or book with a group.

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(Photos via Camp Lindomere)