14 Must-Haves for Camping With Kids
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14 Must-Haves for Camping With Kids

From putting up the tent to making s’mores at the end of a long day, camping is a great experience and can create some unforgettable memories. Things get a bit tricker when there are kiddos involved. Did you pack enough stuff to keep them entertained? Safe? Clean? While it can seem like a daunting task to pack for a family camping trip, we’ve scoured the Internet and compiled your 14 must-haves for roughing it with kids in tow.

1. Kidnoculars ($11): Let your kid take a closer look around with their own pair of binoculars specially designed with an enlarged eyepiece for easy viewing.

2. Sleeping Bag ($99): Sleeping under the stars can be scary for a first-timer, but having a cool sleeping bag can help make bedtime something to look forward to.

3. Rain Boots ($35): Protect their feet from the elements with boots they’ll be excited to put on (and probably won’t ever want to take off).

4. Washi Tape Walking Stick: Your little camper will hike with pride with their DIY walking stick in hand. Let them pick out which tapes they like and help wrap it for a fun afternoon activity. (via One Charming Party)

5. Camping Play Set ($40): Give your little nature scout their own set of survival tools so they won’t be tempted to touch the real things.

6. Foam Tile Floor: Pack a few of your foam tiles from home and create a crawler-friendly floor in seconds. (via A Little Campy)

7. Hand-Washing Station: Set up a designated hand-washing station with an empty laundry detergent container and bucket to catch the excess water. Easy clean up FTW. (via Outdoors Mom)

8. Crank Lantern ($34): You don’t have to worry about the batteries dying or having access to an electrical outlet with this lantern; it runs solely on crank power!

9. Hanging Closet Organizer: A hanging closet organizer makes it easy to set out outfits for each day instead of digging aimlessly through a suitcase all weekend. (via Mama Momtourage)

10. Portable Highchair ($60): Not only will this be a lifesaver during a weekend in the woods, but it will also come in handy for all the backyard barbecues this summer.

11. Portable Cot ($70): These cots are lightweight and can support a child up to 100lbs. Just think of them as an investment since you’ll have ’em for years (and generations) to come.

12. Scavenger Hunt ($8): Put together a fun scavenger hunt and let the kids explore the area. If you’re camping with a crowd, break the kids off into teams and bring a small prize for the winners.

13. Underwater Aquascope ($36): Camping somewhere near the water can add a whole new element of excitement. Now you and your little one can observe the underwater critters without getting wet.

14. DIY Cornhole: Keep those little hands occupied at the campsite with some fun DIY lawn games. Because it’s never too early to instill a love for cornhole, right? ;) (via Brit + Co)

What will you pack the next time you bring the kids to the campground? Let us know in the comments!