We love to rock out. We love taking our music on the go by way of this neon Jambox tote, taking our music to the beach in this rad towel with speakers, and now we’ve got a whole new way to get our dance party on. Meet Aerobull, a powerful wireless speaker that looks like a hip French Bulldog.

Let’s be real for a minute. Music rocks, but wireless speakers don’t always follow suit when it comes to style. The most minimal of speakers tend to be the ones we love, as they don’t take away from one’s interior design aesthetic. The quirky ones make it into our offices, craft rooms, and kitchens. But there are few that manage to be kooky and cool at the same time. Until this little pooch stepped onto the scene, wearing aviator sunnies no less. It’s like he pawed his way in straight from Brooklyn ;)

Aerobull features an iPod/iPhone dock designed to play all devices equipped with a lightning connector, a line-in to play any other devices (including a walkman, because those mix tapes NEED to get played somewhere), Bluetooth for wireless streaming, and 100W of total power.

But this high class pooch doesn’t come at a small expense. Your own Aerobull will cost you a cool $1,400, pushing this speaker into the art-meets-gadget realm.

Now the only question is: which color would you want in your home or office? Talk to us in the comments below.