Summer, summer, summertime. Time to sit back and unwind… You know we can't resist a Will Smith reference, especially one from the 90s. For this week's tech focus, we turn to a roundup of gadgetry that's sure to make for a hot summer.

1. Waterproof Nikon Camera ($200): Perhaps you've purchased one too many disposable underwater cameras in your day and need an upgrade? We firmly believe that the more pictures you have, the merrier, and under the sea is no exception. This Nikon is shock-proof, freeze-proof, and totally water-proof to a depth of 33 feet. And it can take full HD movies!

2. Liquipel ($59-$79): Liquipel is a crazy substance that actually makes your smartphone waterproof! We don't totally understand how it works, but you send your iPhone or Android to the folks at Liquipel and they make the magic happen. Apparently the substance they use is "thinner than air" so it doesn't change the weight, feel or aesthetic of your darling phone.

3. Eco Pod Waterproof Smartphone Case ($42): Not quite convinced by Liquipel? Or simply need a way of carrying your smartphone (and other necessities) when you venture into the big blue? The Eco Pod works with just about every mp3 player and smartphone, is 100 percent waterproof, submersible, and floats. The outside includes a volume control knob, waterproof headset jack, belt clip and carabiner. Plus, there's an additional storage area in the pod for ear buds, credit cards, cash, and even a spare key.

4. Waterproof Headphones ($31): What goes perfectly with an Eco Pod? A pair of totally waterproof headphones, of course. These puppies are great for swimming laps, boating it up, or simply floating around on the river.

5. Kindle WaterGuard ($20): We love to unplug at the beach but carrying around a pile of books in your suitcase hardly leaves you feeling footloose and fancy free. Load up your Kindle and drop it into a WaterGuard and read oceanside to your heart's content.

6. Rukus Solar Sound System ($150): Heading somewhere off the grid but with plenty of sunshine? Use the strong sun to power your dance party. The Rukus Solar Sound System has a solar panel allowing it to charge off of the sun, and, like the Jambox, connects to your devices via Bluetooth.

7. Waterfi Shuffle Swim Kit ($150): The Waterfi Shuffle Swim Kit is perfect for folks looking to get into some serious aqua fitness. It includes a waterproofed iPod shuffle, waterproof headphones, and a mounting kit allowing you to attach the waterfi to a headband, arm band, hat, helmet, etc.

8. Aquapac ($30-$70): Aquapacs come in a variety of sizes ready to protect all of your devices. They're great for storing all of your electronics if you know you'll be splishing and splashing around, or if you're worried about a summer storm.

9 .Hi Sun Towel with Speakers ($77): The product name kind of says it all here. It's a beach towel with speakers! It folds into a backpack for easy transport and additional storage, includes an inflatable pillow, and works with any smartphone or mp3 player with a 3.5mm universal jack. And the lithium battery that powers this rockin' towel is rechargeable via USB!

10. Sip N' Go ($8): Staying hydrated is always the most important thing to remember on a hot summer day. Keep a sip n'go in your purse, pocket, or beach tote so you know you've always got a water bottle to fill. Unlike other similar portable water bottles, the Sip N'Go is top rack dishwasher safe making it easy to keep clean.

11. Polar Insulated Water Bottle ($11): If you need to keep cool on the go, this water bottle is for you. It insulates your beverages and keeps their original temperature for up to 24 hours.

12. Hamilton Beach Thermal Cooler Plus Blender ($50): Everyone loves an icy blended drink when they're lazing in the sun. Mix those margaritas up directly in a cooler and make the transition from kitchen to beach all the easier. Plus, the cooler keeps your drinks cold for up to 8 hours!

13. Kelsyus Portable Hammock ($107): If you're not quite sure where you're headed but know you want to lounge when you get there, pack this cozy portable hammock. And if you happen to find a pair of awesome hammock-ready trees, remove the hammock from the base, grab some sturdy rope, and tie it up.

14. Juice Bag Solar Beach Tote ($249): If you didn't stock up on solar powered goodness at the onset of spring, you might dig this energizing beach tote. Like backpacks of a similar variety, the Juice Bag keeps all of your devices juiced, and carries all the essentials for a day at the park, beach, or lake.

Heading somewhere with an outrageous amount of sunshine? Be sure to also check out our roundup of 15 Goods and Gadgets Powered by Sunshine. And if you know of any awesome summer gadgets we've gotta check out, let us know in the comments below or on Twitter.