Alright, it’s 2015 and we already have hoverboards, self-driven cars and robotic prosthetic arms that can be controlled with our minds. And thankfully, we haven’t yet had any robots or drones trying to take over our world. We’d say humanity is doing a-okay, flying high and steady in our forward-moving tech universe. Know what else is flying high and steady? Cars.


Thanks to AeroMobil, practical flying cars are now among us. After a long day at work, we’ll soon be able to hop into our AeroMobils and fly home in a jif. The vehicle needs roughly 200 meters to take off, and while you’re in the sky, you can fly up to 124 mph. Talk about a quick commute. Just be sure you don’t get caught by air patrol!


The AeroMobil has a steel frame with carbon fiber coating to keep it light and durable. The wings unfold to prepare for takeoff and fold back when it’s time to park. As big as the AeroMobil may seem, it is legal to drive on roads and fits into average-sized parking spaces. However, if you want to take the whole family in an AeroMobil, you’ll be sad to know that flying cars can only seat two.


AeroMobil’s prototype is just one of the first cars to take flight. About six months ago, Terrafugia unveiled their flying car called Transition, which took its first flight back in 2013. Terrafugia is continuing to improve its features and says they’re planning to release Transition in about three years. Say whaaat?

What are your thoughts on the AeroMobil? Looking forward to driving your own personal flying car in the near future? We want to hear all about it in the comments below!

(h/t Digital Trends)