We have a whole new way for you to get some more greens in your diet — how about from your next manicure? It might sound a little too-good-for-you-to-be-true, but nail polish made from kale is really coming to a bottle near you. And while we usually love the popular snack form of the leafy green, we at least hope this variety will be chip-free.

Get it?

Enough with the knee slappers and on to the details: London-based polish purveyors Nails Inc. just nabbed perennial fashionista/It girl Alexa Chung to be the face of their UK beauty brand. They’re celebrating with a little collaboration, too. Alexa is behind a six-shade collection of fabric-inspired polishes, according to WWD. The polishes are also (shocker) Alexa-inspired with names like “Alexa Silk” (a dark, dreamy shade), “Alexa Cashmere” (a nude hue), “Alexa Lace” (that bright candy apple red) and “Alexa Sequin” (a showstopping sparkling black and gold glitter-splosion) with what looks like another party girl glitter in there. Oh, to be a muse!

A limited-edition “preview shade” called Red Lace will be available on Nailsinc.com in June… but about that kale polish! Later this fall, Alexa and Nails Inc. will launch a line of polishes called Nailkale, base coats formulated with the superfood. We knew the green was good for our skin and nails when ingesting it, but this is the first topical application we’ve heard of. And hopefully not the last.

If we all look as good clutching beauty products on a bed of kale as Alexa does, we’re happy to include our favorite salad base in other, non-edible parts of our day.

Would you try Alexa Chung’s Nailkale? Which celebrity fashion or beauty collabo is your fave? Sound off below!

(h/t: WWD)