Every holiday party host or hostess’s worst fear is people not having fun — therefore, having the right spread and a healthy dose of cute seasonal cocktails, mixers and libations at a party is always a good idea. To ensure that your holiday party (that you wanted to be oh-so-organized for) stays afloat, many a host or hostess has likely braved the winter cold mid-party to go on an alcohol run. Good news, people — those days might soon be over with Amazon’s new service.


Amazon Prime Now, which rolled out last year, already delivers over a million products to 20 different metropolitan cities across the country, but until today, alcohol delivery was limited to just Amazon’s hometown of Seattle. They finally rolled out the goods in New York City just yesterday, in time for all those holiday parties. Fingers crossed they’ll be bringing this service nationwide.

According to Re/Code, while Amazon has a liquor license in Seattle that enables it to deliver alcohol, it doesn’t have one for New York. Therefore, they’ll be relying on the services of pre-existing alcohol delivery vendors. The service costs $7.99 for 1-hour delivery of wine, beer and spirits and is open to Prime members for free so long as they’re willing to wait at least two hours. (FYI, Prime membership is $99 annually.)

Currently, the outer boroughs are out of luck, as deliveries only extend to Manhattan, but we’re certain where there is a will (for booze), there is a way. That’s how the saying goes, I think.

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