Amazon has been trying to perfect their software and devices recently with touch screen devices and all the new and upcoming integrations for Alexa last month. While the other Alexa-enabled devices like the Echo and Echo Dot have been pretty popular, the Amazon Tap has been struggling to gain nearly as much momentum. Created to be the portable Alexa speaker, the most annoying thing about the Tap was that you actually had to — well, tap the button to get it to come alive. Not anymore!


Now the Amazon Tap has hands-free mode. No more struggling to keep all your belongings in your arms while reaching for the button, only to have everything come crashing down. To enable hands-free mode on your Amazon Tap, just head over to the Alexa app. Open the navigation bar, and then go to Settings > Alexa Devices and choose your Amazon Tap. From here you can toggle the hands free feature.

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When your Tap is in hands-free mode, the battery will give you about eight hours of playback off the cradle. It also won’t automatically go to sleep; it’ll just wait. And listen. Until you decide you want some more jams.

With this new feature, there’s really no reason to go with an Echo instead of a Tap. But, you know, to each her own.

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