I bet I can tell you the one step you鈥檙e skipping in your daily makeup routines: applying sunscreen to your face before you apply your makeup and to your skin before you walk out the door. And I bet I know why it鈥檚 currently the missing link in your beauty regimen: SPF products aren鈥檛 very glamorous. The astringent smell alone is enough to turn you off, not to mention sticky streaks that tend to dull your skin once the product is applied 鈥 or the flip side, turn you into a slippery mess. Hey, it鈥檚 the end of summer, so our tolerance for sunscreen is at an all-time low. That said, it鈥檚 really important to keep your skin protected from damaging UV rays on the daily all year round, so, finding SPF products that we can vibe with is always high on our beauty priority lists. That鈥檚 why we freaked a little over this trio of products by the Korean skincare line Amorepacific that look (and feel) insanely luxe.


Here鈥檚 why we鈥檙e deeming the Resort Collection obsession worthy: Not only do these products pull double duty by nourishing your skin with Asian botanicals like ginseng, bamboo sap and green tea as it protects, but the set has you covered from head to toe with different formulas specially made for your face, bod + sensitive areas to make application easier and, theoretically, more effective. So yes, it鈥檚 a total of three different products versus a do-it-all miracle worker 鈥 you know, those multitasking products that also save us sacred space in our bags 鈥 but each of these products is so good at what it does that we鈥檙e willing to overlook that here.


You鈥檒l want to apply these beauties, too. When we unpackaged them in our office, there was an audible 鈥渙oooh鈥 from the girls around me. The chic white packaging and metallic touches make it feel expensive, and you just want to touch it. You do! And once you crack them open, the soft scent seals the deal as irresistible.

Obviously, I have to show you how to use these beauties as well. Below, check out how we used these three products to prep for our last-days-of-summer plans (and beyond, of course!).

Sunscreen to Use Year Round


Formulated with matsutake mushroom and bamboo sap to cool your skin, plum extract that helps against heat-aging and purslane extract that helps reduce skin irritation from environmental aggressors, the Sun Protection Mist Broad Spectrum SPF 30+ ($75) is worth the price tag. Unlike typical thick creams, this formula is a lightweight mist that goes on more like an oil, leaving your skin glowing and hydrated while allowing you to still get a little bit of color. It鈥檚 my personal new favorite SPF/moisturizer! Simply spray on and lightly rub to blend it in.

The Easiest Way to Apply Sunscreen to Your Face


This Sun Protection Stick Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ ($40) is for more targeted sun protection. Apply to the places that tend to be more sensitive to the sun, such as your nose, forehead, lips and cheekbones. Honestly, this is such a fantastic gem of a product and it is so compact you can keep it in your purse at all times. I鈥檝e even used it directly over my makeup in a pinch, and it鈥檚 so lightweight you could not tell I had it on, unlike most sunscreen sticks that tend to be sticky or overly oily. Plus, the green tea seed oil in this helps as an additional skin barrier to keep your complexion extra healthy.

The Best SPF Makeup. Period.


Hands down, the Sun Protection Cushion Broad Spectrum SPF 30+ ($40) is one of the best SPF makeup formulas I have ever tried. Most sunscreen makeup can tend to make your skin appear white and dull and feel either too oily or too thick and sticky, but this compact cushion goes on extremely smooth and lasts all day 鈥 even while wearing in the ocean! You can layer it under your normal base makeup and it acts as a primer that will protect your skin and hydrate it with the bamboo sap and other protective botanicals.

We also tried out the Color Control Cushion Compact Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ ($60 鈥 that鈥檚 the silver-colored compact) that you could use on its own or incorporate into your daily routine if you are looking for SPF with more coverage. Here鈥檚 how to apply it:


It鈥檚 easy: Just tap the provided sponge onto the cushion compact and then gently tap and roll onto your skin.


Really, this line acts as skin care and not just your typical SPF, so using your normal makeup directly over it actually feels really natural and nice.


Flawless and protected! Now you have no excuse to not protect your skin daily.

What other SPF makeup products do you love? Share in the comments section below!