Have we mentioned that we LOVE Halloween here at B+C? Ok, maybe once… or 1,000 times. In our defense, the drama, imagination and, most importantly, CREATIVITY involved just can’t be beat! We’ve already announced some of our favorite costumes from 2016, but for the true Halloween MVPs, the Halloween spirit is in every single detail. From jack-o’-lanterns to hors d’oeuvres, here are the winning scary snacks from our Snapguide contest!

Cobweb Cookies - Halloween

1. Cobweb Cookies: This black and white cookie is oh-so-chic while providing just the right amount of scare. For the full effect, don’t forget to sprinkle plastic spiders around — they’ll be sure to cause a fright! (via A Sweet Little Life on Snapguide)


2. Monster Rice Krispie Treats: These monsters treats are SO EASY and completely adorable! All you need are Rice Krispie treats, googly candy eyes, chocolate and food coloring. (via Polka Dots + Picket Fences on Snapguide)

Witch Cake - Halloween

3. DIY Halloween Witch Cake: Aren’t printables the best? This spooky cake is actually super easy to make — just add some Oreo soil and stick in your printable witch legs! Instead of slaving away in the kitchen, you can kick back and relax with your favorite witches. (Petite Party Studio on Snapguide)



4. Graveyard Pizza: Eating veggies has never been more fun than with this devilishly spooky pizza! Your kids will be so obsessed with the worms, eyeballs, spiders and vampire fangs, they won’t even notice how healthy their dinner is. That’s our kind of magic. ;) (via Stacey Homemaker on Snapguide)


5. Mummy Cookie Pops: There’s no need to get wrapped up with hard-to-make Halloween treats. Opt for these frightfully easy mummy pops next year. Store-bought cookies never looked so good. (via Melissa Scott on Snapguide)

Thanks for everyone who entered our Spooktacular Snacks contest! We loved seeing all your frightfully delicious treats. Congrats to all our winners!