Taking a trendy vacation that’ll fit your 2017 budget is a surefire way to have an awesome adventure, which totally includes the journey from Point A to Point B (minus jet lag). Unfortunately, getting stuck next to someone who’s a total nightmare to fly with (whether you know them or not… kidding) can make the experience pretty miserable. To make flights everywhere less obnoxious, we put together a list of the 10 worst common offenses we’ve heard about from frequent flyer friends. Keep reading to find out if you’re guilty of any of ’em!

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1. Personal Grooming: Being well-groomed is always a win, but there’s a time and a place for making sure you’re polished from head to toe (and it’s not on an airplane!). Since personal grooming tops the list of the most annoying and icky things that people do on flights, think twice before you start filing or clipping your nails, brushing your hair (onto the person next to you — yuck), or spritzing on perfume. Everyone around you will appreciate it.

2. Loud or Smelly Snacking: Bringing food on a long flight is perfectly acceptable, and doing so makes sense for anyone who’s following a specific eating plan or wants to enjoy their fave foods while soaring through the skies. The exceptions? Smelly foods or super loud eating, which are total don’ts.

3. Coughing and Sneezing: It’s hard not to feel pity for sick travelers, but you can’t help but be bothered by having to sit in close proximity to someone who’s constantly coughing and/or sneezing. It’s such a nerve-wracking way to spend a flight. Wrap a scarf around your mouth and cross your fingers that your cold doesn’t kick in until after your trip.

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4. Talking Way Too Much: Have you ever been stuck next to someone who just won’t stop talking when you want to politely disconnect or nod off? We feel your pain in a major way. Sitting with a Chatty Cathy, super loud talker, or someone who cusses up a storm is going to make that flight feel even longer.

5. Over the Shoulder Reading: Nosy neighbors rank high on the list of annoying travelers. Whether it’s a magazine, book, newspaper, your computer, or phone, anyone who tries to read over your shoulder or look at your stuff automatically earns a spot at the top of the most obnoxious list. A girl’s gotta have some privacy!

6. Mile-High Diva Behavior: Pushy people or those who make ridiculous demands take the cake when it comes to being irritating in tons of situations, but divas seem to be even less tolerable while trapped in flight. From ridiculous snack requests to constantly buzzing the flight attendant over for things that are simple to do by yourself, these people are simply *awful* to fly with.

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7. Drinking Too Much: Kristin Wiig’s cocktail-induced sighting of a colonial woman on the wing was hilarious in Bridesmaids, but wildly drunk fliers are definitely not as humorous IRL. Anyone who drinks enough alcohol to be boisterous, loud, crazy, or — even worse — SUPER rude is a total nightmare.

8. Seat Hopping: Whether it’s getting up to mingle with fellow travelers seated far away or to stretch out before coming back, seat hoppers become really annoying really fast. This is especially problematic when the hopper has a middle or window seat and needs to pester you to move each time THEY want to. We’re counting people who sit down in your seat during boarding and just assume you’ll switch with them in this category.

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9. Frequent Fidgeting: While passengers who stay in the right spot are the best kind to be seated near, excessive leg shaking, kicking, bumping, and seat shoving trail closely behind seat hopping. Ugh.

10. Bad Boarding and Exit Etiquette: Awesome airplane travelers understand that following boarding and exit airplane etiquette is just as important as being courteous and polite in-flight. Those who fail to follow group numbers, cut in line, or don’t let people in front of them out first are among the worst.

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