Raise your hand if you love everything Anthropologie! We think it’s safe to say that about 71 hands went up here at Brit HQ (35 women + Brit + Co office dog Miss Brie, of course). We constantly troll their site going ga-ga over EVERYTHING. Our creative director Anj brought these amazing earrings to my attention and we knew that an inspired pair was going to happen. Now these earrings are GORGEOUS (thank you, Elizabeth Cole) but if you don’t have $338 to drop we recommend DIYing a similar style! We made our pair for under $20 — hit up your local beading store to find the best flat-back gems and decorative gold findings and you’re 20 bucks away from a sweet new accessory.



– tear-shaped decorative gold finding

– oval shaped decorative gold finding

– various flat-back gems

– rhinestones

– earring posts

– E6000 glue


– toothpick


1. Use E6000 to glue together your gold decorative pieces to form a base for your gems.

2. Arrange your gems in your desired pattern.

3. Let dry for about an hour, then flip over and attach the earring post.


Lots of little elements = one major style statement :)


When searching through the bead store we looked for pieces that form a similar shape to the Anthro earrings. Don’t be nervous to buy multiple pieces to create this earring base.


Use E-6000 glue and a toothpick to arrange your flat-back gems. Try buying gems in all different shapes – teardrop, oval, circle, etc.


Once you’ve arranged your gems, let the piece sit for at least 30 minutes to an hour.


Flip over and attach the earring post. Let sit for at least 30 minutes.


We are ready to rock these bad boys this weekend.


This is Anj’s “These are freakin’ awesome” face.


These earrings will turn heads at the next bridal/ baby shower you attend. If you’re feeling generous you can gift them! Or make two pairs ;)


What do you think of this Anthro hack? Would you love to see these in a Brit Kit? Tell us in the comments below!