If you want to get to the kids, you have to infiltrate via social media, or so think most companies these days 鈥 apparently even Apple. According to a new report, the tech behemoth is planning their own foray into social media apps.


As Apple鈥檚 hardware sales start to slow, the company is pursuing different channels, or at least a side channel. The plan, for now, seems to be integrating social media into Apple鈥檚 already existent products. One possible iteration could be an app that would work with contact info and GPS to recommend locations, based on where friends already hang out. Another could be a feature that would allow users to see every single interaction they鈥檝e had with a contact on every single social media app in one place. (Yes! We would love that!)

Apple is also apparently developing a video editing app in the vein of Snapchat, which will allow users to record and edit video then send it off to their contacts. So far, it looks like the app is going to be a standalone that you would download from the App Store, but it could come integrated with the iPhone and iPad cameras.

Social networking make life more interesting

In the past, Apple tried to launch a social media app out of iTunes called Ping, but it didn鈥檛 really take off, so now the company is going back to the drawing board. You know what they say: If your first social media venture doesn鈥檛 succeed, try try again.

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(h/t Bloomberg)