Oh, April Fools,’ you cheekiest of days! We love you and fear you at the same time. But mostly, we enjoy hearing about all of the awesome April Fools’ pranks that happen on this holiest of days (no wait, that should be the “trolliest of days”), which is why we’ve put together a roundup of the best of the best. Prepare yourself for bursts of chuckles, belly-laughs and full-on giggle-fits. We’re not foolin’ ya!

Edible CandyShell iPhone Cases

Edible CandyShell iPhone Cases

iPhone + candy = a dream come true! Except that the Edible CandyShell iPhone Cases are more of a dream than a reality. Speck got our hopes up for such a ridiculous-yet-somehow-still-awesome item that just isn’t meant to be IRL.



This one’s almost too good to believe that it won’t someday exist because, as the website says, Burritos = Love. So very true. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed for Burrit-OH! A dating website that uses a “burrito compatibility framework” to match up dining duos and possible peckish pairs, we’re pretty sure this is an April Fool’s joke that could be a million-dollar idea. Mmm, burritos.


If you’re looking at your feline friend and thinking she should really get her kitty couture going on, than you need to check out Whiskers-n-Wigs. “A majestic line of modern wigs designed specifically for feline features, each styled coif like the dark and debonair slicked back “MEOW-Moe” or a curled princess updo finished with tiara, lets your cat show off their unique personality and style.” Laughing… too… hard! *looks at kitty, imagines a wig on her, bursts out laughing again*

pup postage

Pup Postage

Hallmark hit it perfectly with their adorable mail-delivering dogs. “Introducing Pup Postage, the cutest way to have your cards and gifts delivered. See if your area is eligible for this limited-time treat.” But… but, why can’t this be true?!

The ZumbaRoomba

Bring the party to cleaning with the ZumbaRoomba, the newest (not so real) innovation that will save you from the dreariness of housework and get you groovin’ while you’re movin’ that duster!

Deepfoot Keyboard Foot Sensor System

Kinelee Star, “Cool Stuff Engineer” tells us, “When creativity, innovation and technology clash, great things can happen.” Great things like Deepfoot which allows you to simply step on your computer’s keyboard to get an amazingly accurate analysis of your foot. Then, all you need to do is start ordering every shoe your heart (and feet) desire. Um, yup.

Virgin America Sets a Booby Trap

Virgin America decided to get a little non-virginal and perhaps even somewhat NSFW with the release of a new logo that was particularly… well, boob-ish. Like, totally looked like two breasts, no joke! Except, of course, it was a joke.

Corn hub

Pornhub Gets Totally Corny

Pornhub couldn’t resist getting in on the April Fools’ fun, and they decided to take a completely corny twist to their prank. Today, Pornhub became Cornhub. Instead of, um, ya know, you’ll be seeing cob, kernel, and popping-related puns galore. But beware! If you start clicking around, you will find yourself looking at actual people porn so it might be best not to do that if you happen to be at work.

minion mic drop

Google Totally Dropped the Ball by Dropping the Mic

Google must have thought they had come up with the most adorable April Fools’ idea ever and, granted, it was all meant to be playful fun. But, um, it didn’t quite work out that way. By adding cute minions literally dropping a mic to each email, Gmail’s little joke had some unfortunately unfunny results. Ouch! Google soon realized what was happening, turned off the minions, apologized and surely started brain-storming for a fool-proof April Fools’ prank for next year.


Sorry Not Sorry

If your April Fools’ prank didn’t work out (or wasn’t well received), then no worries, Bloom That has you covered with their The Sorry Not Sorry pillow (“Prank not go over well? Did you play with their emotions a bit too much? What did they expect? It’s April Fools’ Day!”) or The Party Pooper for those who really can’t take a joke. And if those don’t work, ‘fess up that you’re a fool, but at least a Fool in Love.

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(photo via Bloom That, BraunS/iStock)