With 2014 coming to a close (we know, we can’t believe it either), you’ll need to replace your wall calendar once the ball drops. Whether you’re planning on keeping it for yourself or gifting it to a fellow design lover, these calendars will make ringing in the new year that much better. Keep scrolling for 6 amazing graphic design calendars that’ll keep you organized in 2015.

1. MWM 2015 Calendar ($39): We are in awe of Matt W. Moore’s designs. Reminding us of our toy kaleidoscopes and Magic Eye books from childhood, each month features a technicolor design that’s got us in a trance. Check out the video that shows how he layered on bit by bit to create this incredible calendar.

2. 365 Typography Calendar ($29-47): You know the difference between a serif, script and sans serif (ok, who doesn’t?) and you know when and where to use them. Stay inspired with this calendar that showcases a new font each month.

3. Fedrigoni 2015 Calendar by Stuart Greer: Get this daily calendar for the programmer on your list. They will love this calendar that tells time in binary.

4. Typodarium 2015 Calendar ($21): This one’s for you guys and gals out there who need a new font every single day. And the #realtalk sayings that come with it? Um, yes, yes and yes.

5. SNUG TOYBLOCKS 2015 Calendar ($19): Good design is simple, not overdone or trying too hard. This geometric calendar guarantees 2015 will shape up to be a great year.

6. Geometric Calendar by Stuart Daly ($24): Just because you rely on your iCal doesn’t mean you can’t hang a calendar on your wall. This rainbow orb will add a pop of color to your gallery wall.

Have someone on your list who would love any or all of these? Tell us which one you want on your wall in the comments!