Origami. We’ve all tried it. From an elementary school fortune teller (pick a color…) to a paper airplane, we’ve all had our fair share of folding-paper fun. But for most of us, paper cranes was where we drew the line. And that’s probably because it’s not an easy technique to master — until now.

Run by Joop Bource of the Netherlands, Assembli is bringing origami-like designs to your home with playful DIY kits — err, FIY (fold-it-yourself) kits. The finished products will have people thinking you could teach a class in paper folding.

Each kit comes with all the paper you need, and of course, easy-to-follow instructions. You can get your hands on them over at the Assembli Etsy shop. Some are instant downloads ($6), but most are full-on kits. How adorable are these animal-friendly head busts ($33)?

Trade in your real pine for paper this holiday season with this Christmas tree set ($36). Or better yet, give it as a gift. After all, nobody will expect a tree under the tree.

Assembli is essentially making a sculptor out of anyone who gets a hold of one. And anyone that encourages makers to make is a-okay in our book (of folded paper).

Which folded masterpiece can you not wait to get your hands on? Sound off below!