We’re all about getting fit, but sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated to exercise every day. We’ve found that there are two keys to helping that: switch up your routine and make it fun! Fun, as in… instead of your usual afternoon jog, what if you could climb away from chainsaws in a real world video game? Sounds crazy, right — but also very cool. Well, get your adrenaline ready to pump because that just might happen soon if these guys have anything to do with it.

Coming out of Finland, a group of climber-hackers (new hybrid, duh) created an augmented reality system that turns a climbing wall into a crazy cool way to spend an afternoon gym sesh. Their workout combines projection and motion sense technology to help you plan and execute new routes, challenge yourself and monitor your progress.

You can randomly generate routes or build new adventures (yes, like ones involving chainsaws chasing you up the mountain) for your friends as they climb. Because nothing’s more motivating than a dude with a chainsaw coming at you to get you to pick those knees up.

You might not see this at your gym anytime soon, but if you have access to a Kinect (check) and some sweet motion sense technology (oh…) you could recreate your own someday soon. Hopefully they’ll keep going with this project and we’ll be able to play our favorite video games IRL. We have been scheming of ways to use our future Oculus Rift, but we weren’t planning on bringing it to the gym with us. Let’s just say, after watching the above vid, we hope that bad boy is sweatproof.

How do you keep your workout fun? What’s your favorite way to switch up your routine? Talk to us about your IRL workouts in the comments below.

(h/t TechCrunch + Photo)