8^8 soulmate

These days, dating apps are a dime a dozen, from the “old” standby to the astrology matcher to the gender-inclusive one (and more more more!). For those that aren’t into swiping L or R when it comes to finding a partner, it may be time to turn to a test for some love-matching. One questionnaire claiming to find your soulmate is 8^8, and the results hinge on your responses to eight questions.

8^8 dating

8^8 is a free eight-question, eight-multiple-choice option test that declares it will match you with your soulmate. Or at least with the person who answers the same way you do. Essentially, you take the quiz and if someone else gives the exact same responses for every psychological question you’ll receive an email with the opportunity to message that “special” someone. 8^8 claims that the likelihood of that happening is 1 in 16,777,216, which is why they deem the response twins soulmate-worthy — no matter how fast or long it takes for equivalent results.

Those already in love — or at least in a relationship — are totally allowed to take this test as well because the service believes in a different definition for the word. 8^8 defines a soulmate as “someone who thinks a lot like you do, like an identical twin probably would,” and not as a sexual partner. Though, who knows what kind of sparks could happen when/if you actually meet this person…

8^8 soulmate

So give the test a whirl — you know you’ve got five free minutes in your day to waste at work ;)

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