Admittedly, we’ve only seen ONE back to school-themed Sir Mix-A-Lot parody so far… but we’re sure this amazingly clever remix will probably start a trend.

Created by The Holderness Family, this video is seriously incredible. It will make you smile, laugh and might even give parody king Weird Al a run for his money. As they describe on their website (yes this family has a website), this video is all about celebrating parents, students and teachers… and happily sending their kids back to school after a summer spent 24/7 in the kid zone.

Straight from the Holderness fam:

Just as much as WE are ready to walk them to the classroom door – THEY are ready to go.

Before they head back to school — my final few days of their summer break are spent filling out paperwork (didn’t I fill this out last year?), buying a random list of school supplies (do the erasers have to be pink?), signing up for committees (I swear this year I’m not going to forget any meetings), and trying, so desperately trying to get organized (THIS is going to be the year.. I can FEEL it).

So here’s our ode to the parents, students, and teachers as we start a new school year in the only way we know how.

Hear, hear Holdernesses! We LOVE this ode. Oh, and this isn’t the first amazing parody to come out of this family. See also: #XMAS JAMMIES, a parody of Will Smith’s Miami.

CAN WE BE PART OF THIS FAMILY PLEASE? And can they do a parody of the Humpty Dance already? The dad definitely has the weird ’90s nasal rap dude tone down pat.