January is a time for new beginnings. Resolutions are fresh, 2016 planners and calendars are bought and there鈥檚 a feeling of endless possibility in the air. There鈥檚 no better time to welcome a new little human into the world. If you鈥檙e searching for a creative baby name that captures that hopeful feeling of a fresh, new year, scroll through to find the perfect one!

LONDON - DECEMBER 09: In this photo illustration a baby suckles a dummy whilst resting in her cot on December 09, 2005 in London, England. A recent US study has shown that cot deaths can be reduced by 90 percent if a baby sleeps with a dummy. (Photo by Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images)

1. Aurora: It鈥檚 another name for the gorgeous Northern Lights, and the name of a Roman goddess of sunrise. This one just feels flat-out majestic and very new beginnings-esque. What better way to welcome a New Year鈥檚 baby? Plus, it鈥檚 got super cute nickname potential: Rory.

2. Iola: Here鈥檚 a Greek word that means 鈥渧iolet-colored dawn.鈥 How absolutely gorgeous is that?!

3. Neo: This Greek word means new. It鈥檚 super cute 鈥 can鈥檛 you just imagine a two-year-old Neo running around your house raising havoc?!

4. Hope: There鈥檚 no better name to capture that new-year hopefulness. This is a great choice for parents who want a name with meaning that鈥檚 still somewhat traditional.

5. Esparanza: The Spanish word for hope, this one鈥檚 another gorgeous way to honor the new year and the warm, fuzzy, hopeful feelings it brings.

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6. Nova: The meaning behind Nova is a star that suddenly increases in brightness. What a beautiful way to mark the arrival (kicking and screaming, we鈥檙e sure) of your bright and new little bundle of joy.

7. Ace: Symbolize a fresh start with this super cute and playful name.

8. Arun: Doesn鈥檛 January kind of feel like the dawn of the year? Arun means 鈥渄awn鈥 in Hindu, making it a really nice symbolic choice.

9. Genesis: This one means new beginnings. It鈥檚 a great choice for parents who are looking for a super unique name that still rolls off the tongue for their little one.

10. Zora: A Slavic word that means 鈥渄awn,鈥 this name became well-known via the super powerful writer and leader of the Harlem Renaissance, Zora Neale Hurston.

11. Asher: This one means 鈥渂lessed鈥 or 鈥渉appy,鈥 and is a great way to symbolize what your new-year baby means to you! The meaning behind it could be either how your little one makes you feel, how you hope they feel always or both.

POLTAVA, UKRAINE - AUGUST 12: Roma, 30, with his wife Lena, 22 and their five month old baby pose for a picture on August 12, 2005 in Poltava, Ukraine. Roma is a former drug addict who met Lena at a rehab camp. Lena is a psychologist who was in another relationship with an addict at the time but left him for Roma. Despite relapsing just before the birht of his child, Roma has now been clean for 9 months and is trying to make it work for his new family. Getty Images is partnering with the Global Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS ongoing projects. (Photo by Brent Stirton/Getty Images) *** Local Caption ***

12. Iris: This is the name of the Greek goddess of the rainbow, not to mention the gorgeous flower. Super pretty and meaningful, this one鈥檚 perfect for your delicate little bundle of joy.

13. Xavier: Meaning 鈥渘ew house,鈥 this could be a metaphor for the new light your little one will bring to your home. Plus, it sounds very regal and distinguished, so they鈥檒l probably thank you later in life.

14. Keiba: A Hawaiian word for 鈥渟unrise,鈥 Keiba is super endearing. There won鈥檛 be much risk of having the same name as the other kids at daycare.

15. January: We just had to include this one. We love month-names, and January is no exception. Bonus points if your last name also starts with a J, 脿 la the gorgeous January Jones.

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