We all have learned how to master wearing faux eyelashes on the daily and even how to make your lashes look like your fave celebs! Now we need to dive into a potential beauty myth that I am sure you have all seen all over Pinterest. The idea is that using baby powder in combination with mascara on your eyelashes will make them look longer. I have called in Ashley Fischer from our superstar sales team to put this hack to the test for the next in our series of Beauty Mythbusters. Is a simple medicine cabinet stable REALLY the mystery ingredient to mile-long lashes? Let’s find out!

Step 1: Coat Lashes With Mascara


First, apply your normal coat of mascara without any baby powder involved. As you can see her eyelashes are pretty great with just one swipe (lucky gal).

Step 2: Coat Your Mascara Wand With Baby Powder


After applying your first coat of mascara, pour a little baby powder into the palm of your hand and roll a dry mascara wand (like the ones that come in makeup brush sets… or the ones in Sephora!) in it to pick up some of the powder. The caption for this is Ashley laughing and asking “OMG is this right?!?!” Ha!

Step 3: Apply Powder To Lashes


Carefully brush the powder-covered wand through your eyelashes. This part gets a little messy with the powder falling onto your cheeks. Ashley was not entirely sure she was doing it correctly, but we knew we would find out the answer to that soon enough ;)

Step 4: Apply a Second Coat Of Mascara


It’s time for a second coat of mascara! As Ashley was applying a second coat of mascara over her baby powder-primed lashes, she was like, “YOU GUYS: This might actually work!” Then immediately followed up with, “Ummm I don’t know, it may be getting clumpy.” Which is it?!


Is this hack a keeper and actually doable past your Pinterest board? When asked if she’d try it again, our Beauty Mythbuster for today Ashley said: “I feel like I have to! It is amazing!” So we think it’s safe to say — this hack is legit! Baby powder ended up making the lashes look longer and fuller. Our only complaint was that they were a little on the clumpy side, so if you’re going to try this at home, have a lash comb ready to minimize clumping and spider lashes for your final look.


What other seemingly strange beauty hacks, tricks and myths do you want us to put to the test? Let us know in the comments below!