You probably haven’t touched one of the most useful everyday beauty products since you were a baby — any guesses? Nope, not banana puree, although that does act as a super moisturizing hair mask. The answer we’re looking for is baby powder. The snow-white talc is a multifunctional miracle worker in the beauty realm for people of all ages, acting as a natural volumizer, irritation eliminator and setting agent all in one. That means you only need to make room in your bag for this simple single product that can act as a quick fix in nine seriously game-changing ways, from tried-and-true #lifehacks to tricks that will completely transform your beauty routine. Scroll through to see this drugstore buy in action.

1. Odor Neutralizer: Props to mom for teaching us to sprinkle baby powder in our shoes to keep our go-to trotters smelling fresh. This hack works best on shoes you wear without socks, like flats or cutout boots, or steppers you’ll break a sweat in, like gym shoes or your fave pair of dancing booties.

2. Eyelash Volumizer: For thicker, fuller lashes without playing around with pesky falsies, brush baby powder onto freshly-curled + painted lashes. Finish the look with a final few coats of mascara and get ready to be wow-ed at the pumped up results. (via Elle)

3. Anti-Chafing Hack: Runners and gym-rats alike swear by baby powder as an anti-chafing agent, which eases the friction against areas that rub together while you work out. Before you press Start on your fave fitness app, apply the talc to problem areas like inner thighs and inner arms to keep your skin smooth and pain-free.

4. Easy Aftershave: Don’t ever dread razor burn again — a dusting of baby powder over your newly-smoothed skin can help prevent irritation thanks to its natural cooling effect (oo, that means it can *probably* do wonders as fast relief for sunburn, too!). (via DIYnCrafts)

5. Temporary Tattoo Set: If you’re dressing up as Angie, Rihanna or Nicole Richie for Halloween, your costume isn’t complete without their iconic tattoos. Here’s how to make sure they last alllll hollow’s eve (or actually, for up to one month!): draw on your design with a Sharpie, sprinkle it with baby powder and spritz it with hairspray to set. (via Polyvore)

6. Brow Boost: Give your brows a Cara D-level boost by brushing in baby powder. Fill in those fuller follicles for a polished final look with a brow pencil like our favorite from Billion Dollar Brows ($18).

7. Dry Shampoo: Now that I’m blonde, I swear by this beauty hack of using baby powder as dry shampoo, which helps remove oil and grease from second day (or even third day) hair. It’s an instant volumizer, turning stringy strands into bouncing locks before your eyes. Plus, it helps camouflage those rusting roots! Rub it in with your fingertips for best results.

8. Blister Buster: Don’t get #owned in the sockless shoe game — try beating blisters by rubbing baby powder onto the parts of your feet that rub most against your shoes. It’s a move a staffer here at Brit + Co swears by, especially for breaking in those brand-new party pumps.

9. Makeup Primer + Set: It’s a tried and true makeup trick that some find hard to believe, but that designer primer + powder you’re splurging on? Totally unnecessary with baby powder in your hands. It’s a foolproof primer, helping to create a base for eyeshadow and lipstick to cling to for hours, as well as helps to set your foundation after you’ve finally learned to contour like Kim K. In both instances, just a thin coat will do.

What unconventional ways do you use baby powder? Tell us all about your beauty hacks in the comments below.