Fall is all about celebration. From Halloween to Thanksgiving and a whole slew of December holidays, it seems like every other weekend calls for a party. We’ve got a lot to celebrate here at Brit + Co. October’s Brit Kits shipped out yesterday, it’s almost Halloween, and our first birthday is right around the corner. But what’s a party without balloons? Well, that’s not a party at all!

We’ll keep adding to this list as we explore the wonderful world of balloons but, for now, here are a few of our favorite balloon projects from the archives.

1. LED Balloons: Want to take your balloon love to the next level? Add LED lights! This simple way to light up your party (hehe) is a good trick for any frequent host.

2. Reusable Ice Packs: If you’re heading to the great outdoors for festivities, you’ll certainly want to pack some bevvies in a cooler. Use water balloons to make reusable (and colorful!) ice packs. Plus, once they melt they turn into perfect ammo against your siblings.

3. Party in a Box: Can’t make it to the party? Send a party-gram! Get a few balloons filled with helium, attach them to a banner with a message on it for the recipient and jam everything into a box. Be sure to fill balloons with hi-float so they pop up as soon as the recipient opens up the box!

4. Balloon Stemware: If you’re looking to add a quick pop of color and festive spirit to your basic wine glasses, add balloons.

5. Colorful Bud Vases: Throwing a last minute dinner party? Use balloons to turn cups or shot glasses into playful bud vases (and head to your corner store to grab a cheap bouquet of wildflowers).

6. Last Minute Gift Ribbons: As part of our 12 Days of Wrapping series, we got crafty with colorful odds and ends found around the house. Turns out balloon animal balloons double as ribbon!

What unconventional ways have you used balloons for your parties and events? Talk to us in the comments below or send photos our way via Twitter or Facebook.