Ever wanted to literally “bring the party”? Now you can. It’s called Party in a Box, and all it takes are some helium balloons, string, a stapler and colored card stock…oh, and of course, a box. It’s a great way to surprise someone for any type of party – a birthday, New Year’s Eve, celebration, etc. It’s also a wonderful way to ask someone a big question (Will you marry me? Go to prom with me? Be my Valentine?)


– Knot three 10′ pieces of string together in the middle, so that there are six 5′ strings coming out from each side of the center

– Attach bunting to each of the 6 strings — you can simply fold and staple a square piece of card stock so that you have lots of mini triangles, or you can attach vertical lines of string with card stock threaded through (I did both)

– Once all your bunting is attached, tie your balloons onto the ends of the strands to form a web. Continue tying balloons until you are satisfied with the shape and so that the strings all float due to the helium in the balloons.

– Gently and neatly stuff the entire web into the box, seal and deliver!

Note: most party supply shops can add a special liquid called Hi-Float to your balloons so that they will last for several days. That makes shipping this bad boy overnight another possibility (and a great surprise for whoever is lucky enough to receive it).