You know what they say about a well-stocked bar… probably the same things we’re saying about Re:Make — it’s awesome and we want to go to there! Re:Make 2014 is fast approaching and promises to be AH-MAZING. We are so ready to get our creative fix. In celebration of Re:Make and our featured makers, we would like to raise a glass and share 10 items that are sure to spice up your bar.

1. Broquet Whiskey Sour Cocktail Set ($49): What’ll you have? A whiskey sour. Or steal this Blackberry Whiskey Smash recipe. Either way, this is the perfect set for you.

2. Drywell Bourbon Print ($20): Alcohol? Check. Glassware? Check. What else do you need? We love this bourbon and glass print by Drywell. Perfect for hanging above your bar cart, gifting your guy or hosting a Bourbon Tasting Party.

3. AHeirloom Cocktail Muddler ($18): With any stocked bar, it is necessary to have the right tools. Snag this cocktail muddler and you’re on your way to becoming a real barhand. Bonus: You can get your initials engraved!

4. Martini Bar Cart: Artisan Melanie Abrantes has created the *perfect* bar cart for preparing your martinis. It’s stylish, it’s chic and it’s modern. Grab this one or try your hand at making your own. Meanwhile, we’ll take a martini–shaken, not stirred.

5. Drywell Bar Towel ($20): Sometimes mixing drinks can get a bit messy! Mop up your bar with this bar tool patterned towel. (Say that five times fast!)

6. AHeirloom Instant Cocktail Party ($50): This kit is all you need to get the party started! You can currently choose from the Maple Cocktail Kit and Walnut Cocktail Kit. Mmmm, sounds perfect for fall!

7. Broquet Mounted Bottle Opener ($35): Ditch the liquor and open a bottle of your favorite craft beer with this mounted bottle opener from Broquet.

8. Loyal Stricklin Original Aviator Mug ($30): What better to pair with your craft beer than this leather made aviator mug. Definitely beats that beat up foam cozy from college…

9. Drywell Sidecar Cocktail Diagram Print ($20): In addition to stocking your bar, dress it up! We personally love this print from Drywell, but you can choose your own based on your drink of choice: Manhattan, Paloma, Old Fashioned and more.

10. Lionheart YOLO Flask ($20): How do you say YOLO New Orleans style? Yeaux Leaux! Make this flask your handy companion and let the good times roll.

Bonus! Broquet Hangover First Aid Kit (34): The bar is ready to go. You are the ultimate party host. But hey, the morning after isn’t always as pretty. We are declaring this Hangover First Aid Kit as an essential item for any entertainer’s bar cart.

If you’re going to be in SF the weekend of September 12-13, come say hi at Re:Make! Get all the deets right here and give us a shout in the comments below if you’re coming!