It’s time to raise the bar on the bar cart. Sure, it started out as simply a functional piece of furniture that just made sense for small space dwellers. But it’s not just about utilizing space anymore. Oh, no. It’s become the must-have statement piece of the home. Overwhelmed? Don’t be. Whether you want to go with vintage, super bright or a classic wood, we’ve got styles for it all.

1. Fancy Times: Do we spy with our little eye sparkly high heels on your bar cart? We understand. You need to be grounded when you’re tending. (via Guest of a Guest)

2. Green Living: This industrial-style flea market score gets a total makeover with a little clean up and a fresh coat of green paint. (via A Beautiful Mess)

3. Brass Bar: Your dining room will never look better than with an elegant, gold bamboo cart. Perfect for before- and after-dinner drinks. (via Julie Blanner)

4. Standout Pieces: Check out those champagne glasses, drink stirrers and straws! Bright and bold drink accessories go a long way on a silver cart. (via Best Friends for Frosting)

5. Top Heavy ($449): The removable top serves as a tray when you want to relocate without moving the entire cart.

6. Gold Goddess: Can you believe this guy is from Ikea? Paint and tons of personality transforms it into a one-of-a-kind creation. (via Carrie Bradshaw Lied)

7. Mirror Mirror ($399): Mirrors do two things: Reflect light which brightens up a space and reflect surfaces which gives the impression of a bigger space — both of which are great for entertaining.

8. Dream Design: It’s a two for one here, folks. A bar on top, a coffee corner on bottom — line the shelves with white contact paper for a clean and simple look. (via Brit + Co.)

9. Pink Perfection: Now, that’s a bright cart. But the hanging wine glass holder might take the cake for reasons to love it. (via DomestiKated Life)

10. Blue Beauty ($180): We know, right now you see books and plants. But take a second and imagine the possibilities of this rolling antique-inspired blue cart. They’re endless.

11. Back to Basics: Nothing’s more sophisticated than a black and gold entertainment station… and you can make this one all by yourself. (via A Beautiful Mess)

12. Extreme DIY: Wooden you like to make your very own bar cart with just a little elbow grease? (Really, we’re too much sometimes.) (via The Nifty Nest)

13. Holiday Takeover: Don’t forget to add decor for celebrating. Maybe you have a Damien Hirst original laying around. Now here’s a place to display it! (via Freutcake)

14. Orange Ya Glad ($40): This wooden rolling table is the perfect out-of-the-way cart to push into tight corners when your home is filled with all of your beautiful party people. And check out that built-in wine rack on the bottom!

15. A Second Shot: A secondhand find shines like it’s brand new. Bonus: The white plastic shelves allow for easy clean up. (via Design Sponge)

16. Tray Chic: Here’s a creative idea: Top your cart with a tray, which allows for an easy transition of booze to the table if needed. We’re also nuts for navy! It’s sophisticated, but not the expected black or brown. (via Kitty Cotten)

17. Gold Leaf ($813): This one arm would be perfect for a formal space like the dining room.

18. Black and White: Formal, chic and totally traditional — in a good way — this industrial cart comes in size XL for the drinkers with eclectic tastes. (via The Exuberant Home)

19. Pink with Passion ($932): A bottle holder? Check. Ridges to keep things in place? Check. Bold and beautiful color? Double check. This cart’s ready to party.

20. Glass Half Full: Glass shelves are super versatile and allow for your cart to work in any room of your home. (via Miss Renaissance)

Do you own a bar cart? Tell us all about in the comments below!