The bathroom is still one of the most neglected areas of the home when it comes to decorating. You’ve added a shower curtain and a bath mat, and you’re done, right? Wrong! You can make your bathroom reflect the feel of your home with art, or you can update your boring bath accessories with these fun picks. We promise they’ll make those mornings after waking up on the wrong side of the bed better, too!

1. Ceramic Hedgehog Soap Dish ($12): Whether you use this little guy as a soap dish or a planter for a small succulent, he’s guaranteed to make you smile.

2. Leather Hitched Vanity Set ($38-$48): The combination of delicate and rustic in this ceramic and leather accessory set is one of our favorites.

3. Dinosaur Toothbrush Holder ($12): We didn’t think the stegosaurus could get any more awesome. That’s until we saw this little guy!

4. White and White Bathroom Soap Dish ($39): Add a pop of color to an all white bathroom with this soap dish. Plus, it makes sure your bar soap stays dry.

5. Buddha Soap Dish ($19): Get some good fortune along with your clean hands with this shiny buddha soap dish.

6. Nose Place Like Home Tissue Box ($8): We’re betting this cute little tissue house will make you feel better the next time you have a cold.

7. Landmark Ring Dish ($12): Keep your jewelry safe while scrubbing up with one of these ring dishes. We’re partial to the Golden Gate bridge one, obviously.

8. Submarine Light ($13): Light up your bath with this adorable floating submarine light. It also comes in a jelly fish version.

9. Mirror Wiper ($12): Finally! A streak-free way to clear that mirror fog from a steamy shower. It gets bonus points for being cute and not industrial looking, too.

10. Foresta Porcupine Canister ($10): Keep your cotton swabs in this little canister to make him look like the least prickly porcupine ever.

11. Timber Trail Toothbrush Holder ($22): If you’re going for a more rustic look in your bathroom, this is the toothbrush holder for you.

12. Grassy Rubber Organizer ($9): Add a little greenery to your bathroom (even if you have a black thumb) with this silicone toothbrush holder.

13. 4040 Locust Wall Hook ($10): Keep your bathroom sink clutter free with this hook that holds four toothbrushes.

14. Dottie Bath Accessories ($9-$35): Put a polka dot on it, and we’re on board. This cheery set is perfect for the guest bathroom.

15. Charade Lotion Pump ($28): Get rid of that drugstore lotion bottle in favor of this stylish white version.

16. You Don’t Know Jackalope Cotton Ball Container ($25): Of course you should keep your cotton balls inside a ceramic bunny. Is that even a question?

17. Stone Resin Bath Accessories ($5-$10): These stone like accessories will make your bath feel like a spa without emptying your wallet.

18. Tooth Toothbrush Holder ($12): This silver capped tooth toothbrush holder is not only shiny, but it’s a good reminder of why you should be brushing your teeth. No one wants metal dental work unless of course it’s grillz.

Which of these is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!