We’re all about creative spaces, and that includes the bathroom. Who says you can’t hang art in there as well? We found 15 beautifully designed baths and half-baths that incorporate art seamlessly. Concerned about your art being damaged? There’s a good discussion full of tips on Apartment Therapy. Get more interior inspiration, and check out some of our favorite motivational posters if you’re looking for something to hang up.

1. Silhouettes: We love that the art in this powder blue powder room is dominated by simple silhouettes. It makes the space feel sophisticated.(via Lonny)

2. Gallery Wall: Such a great use of space in this bathroom. The small wall is brightened without being overwhelmed by these colorful glass plates. (via Kati Curtis Design)

3. Mirror Replacement: For a kids’ bathroom, we love the idea of swapping out the mirror for a piece of art. They won’t need it until they become teenagers anyway. (via SB Architects)

4. Prints, Busts, and Bookends: We love how much art is packed into this little space. Installing a shelf above the tank is an easy way to display a few extra things like bookends. (via Design*Sponge)

5. Bold Black and White: This simple black and white photo over the tub ties an ocean theme together. We love the porthole style window and the planks around the tub that mimic a ship’s deck. (via Lonny)

6. Figural Drawings: Simple and beautiful line drawn nudes are a classic for the master bath. We love how simple and tasteful this one is. (via Keep Smiling)

7. Simple Prints: You don’t have to have expensive framed art in your bathroom. Try hanging simple prints using binder or bulldog clips. Just change them out frequently if your bathroom gets damp from the shower. (via Apartment Therapy)

8. Gallery Tub: If your tub doesn’t have a showerhead with it, go ahead and hang art on the walls above. You won’t have to worry about splashing if you’re just bathing. (via Design*Sponge)

9. Tabletop Tableau: If you have the space to have a little shelf or cart in your bathroom, consider propping up a framed painting behind your jewelry tray, lotions, and more. (via Delighting in Today)

10. Postcard Wall: If you have an unusually shaped wall, post cards and smaller pieces of art are an ideal way to fill up the space. Plus, you won’t be too upset if something gets damaged. (via Poppytalk)

11. Interactive Art: We’re blown away by this idea! This blogger took pages from a fashion-themed coloring book and plastered them on her bathroom walls, to be colored in over time as an ever-evolving work of art. (via Kika Reichert)

12. Wall Decals: If you’re concerned about art getting ruined in your bathroom, go for wall decals instead. They are virtually indestructible, so you can put them up without worry. (via Houzz)

13. Full Salon: Don’t be afraid to go for dark, full salon walls in your half bath. Just make sure you have enough light so it doesn’t get gloomy. (via Design*Sponge)

14. Picture Rails: One of our favorite rooms from our open shelving roundup, we’d love to use these small shelves for works of art in addition to the painting at the head of the tub. (via Lonny)

15. Inset Ledge: This inset has the potential to be filled with lotions, makeup, and more, but we love that this couple decided to make it a place for art instead. (via Design*Sponge)

Do you have art in your bathroom? If not, would you consider hanging some? Tell us why or why not in the comments!