There’s nothing quite like the thrill of decorating your home. The challenge of finding decor that suits your personality, lifestyle and most importantly, your budget, is one that’s both stressful and exciting at the same time. We’ve already shown you some great budget decor buys for the living room and bedroom, but why stop there? Next we’re taking on the bathroom. Scroll on for 21 budget decor buys that’ll get you that chic, stylish bathroom you’ve always wanted.

Under $10

1. Nate Berkus Faceted Soap Dispenser ($10): We can always count on Nate Berkus to bring us products worth showing off. As huge fans of all things geometric, we’re totally digging this soap dispenser.

2. Squish DrawerStore ($10): These silicon containers are just what you need to keep your bathroom drawers organized.

3. Bath Mat ($6): Swap out that plain bath mat for something fun that will add personality to your space.

4. Nose Place Like Home Tissue Holder ($10): Spring allergies got you sniffling and sneezing? This cute little homey holder promises to have a tissue ready for you.

5. Towels ($10 for 2): Replace those sad, stinky towels with these affordable cross-patterned ones for an instant upgrade.

6. Mint Hexagon Plate ($8): A pretty plate is just what you need to keep your bathroom counter organized. With three separate compartments, this catchall will help you store everything from jewelry to makeup.

Under $25

7. Bun Print ($15): For those days when you aren’t sure what to do with those locks, these lovely prints are here to provide major hair inspiration.

8. Lemon + Cucumber Candle ($16): It’s no secret that bathrooms can get… smelly. This candle mixes two light and refreshing scents for a relaxing, spa-like atmosphere.

9. Camphor Soap Stone ($11): This soap is *almost* too pretty to use. Whether you choose to display it or lather up, we love the decorative element it brings to the bathroom.

10. Mirror ($18): Jazz up your bathroom with a chic, oval-shaped mirror. This is a major essential for prepping for the day, so why not choose a pretty one?

11. Fleur-de-Lys Glass Jar ($14): If you’re lucky enough to have ample counter space, keep a few decorative jars on hand for storing makeup brushes, cotton balls and other getting-ready necessities.

12. Gold Bird Ring Holder ($13): Instead of hiding away your delicate rings, keep them front and center. This pretty little bird will keep them organized for you.

13. Mini Cork Planter ($25): Now that spring is officially upon us, it’s time to bring some green into your home. These mini cork planters are perfect for succulents. Bonus points if you add a little color and pattern using tape and paint.

14. Storage Basket ($13): Another bathroom essential is storage, and plenty of it. This pretty patterned basket will keep you organized, whether it’s used for storing extra toilet paper or keeping guest towels handy.

Under $50

15. Metal Twig Jewelry Holder ($29): Show off your jewelry collection in style with this golden tree.

16. Antique Map Shower Curtain ($29): This unique shower curtain is perfect for the vintage-loving gal, or one who simply loves geography.

17. Triangle Open Shelf ($30): What bathroom couldn’t use more storage space? We think your favorite nail polishes or perfumes would look great displayed here.

18. Orange Blossom Candle ($36): Not only will this candle make your bathroom smell amazing, but it gives back too. For every candle purchased, this company donates soap and clean water to a child in need.

19. Tuck Storage Box ($30): This bamboo box contains three storage compartments that swivel together to create a sleek cube.

20. Magical Thinking Wild Things Bath Mat ($39): This ultra-soft rug will be like heaven for your feet as you’re stepping out of the shower or prepping for the day.

21. Tri-Angled Removable Wallpaper ($35): Add a splash of color to your bathroom without committing to a new paint color. This geometric-inspired wallpaper is totally removable if you change your mind.

How do you decorate on a budget? What decorative elements would you include in your bathroom? Chat with us in the comments!