My beauty confession: My favorite face mask is made almost entirely from a spice that鈥檚 used for cooking and could very well be stored in your spice cabinet right now 鈥 in fact, you may already use it in your daily routine. *Turmeric* is a bright yellow spice that鈥檚 used in a lot of Asian and Indian dishes, but it鈥檚 also known to pack a ton of beauty benefits when used topically. It fights breakouts and wrinkles, reduces dark spots and acne scars, balances out oily skin and even reduces facial hair growth (!) 鈥 so this 鈥渟uper spice鈥 is basically your skin鈥檚 new BFF. My personal fave is YLLO Turmeric Face Scrub ($25) because of its gentle, natural ingredients and effective, fast-acting results. Seriously, y鈥檃ll, this stuff is the bomb. I鈥檓 obsessed AF.



What It Is: This mask is a gritty blend of all-natural ingredients: turmeric, chickpea flour, cold-pressed coconut oil, cane sugar, sea salt, pure vitamin E oil and essential lemon oil. I love the YLLO brand specifically because I鈥檓 familiar with every single ingredient I鈥檓 putting on my face, which is important to me. It鈥檚 also vegan and gluten-free.

How It Works: Apply this mask to a clean face. Gently massage it into your skin for about 10 seconds, but don鈥檛 scrub it in too much or you could irritate your skin. Then, sit back, take some selfies (this is a MUST 鈥 see below) and let it work its magic as it fades acne scars, keeps blemishes at bay, eliminates peach fuzz and keeps your skin looking luminous. Just wash it off your face after about 10 minutes.


Where You Can Find It: You can purchase YLLO Turmeric Face Scrub online for $25.

Who Should Use It: Give turmeric face masks and/or scrubs a try if you want a one-stop treatment that will give you a slew of benefits. This stuff works instantly; you can literally see a difference in your skin right after you wash it off. You鈥檒l notice your complexion will have a brightness and radiance to it that improves with continued use. Blemishes will begin to disappear, wrinkles will smooth out and your skin tone will even out. Seriously, I use this mask about twice a week and absolutely LOVE the results.

Why This Is My Beauty Confession: I was totally blown away by the skincare benefits of using turmeric on my face. It鈥檚 all natural (yay green beauty!), affordable and allows you to get a lot of bang for your buck in terms of skincare benefits from *one* product. Turmeric FTW!

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