My beauty confession: My go-to travel product is a $13 oil from the drugstore — and I used it on my hair, face and body nonstop on vacation. I’m still (slowly) adjusting to normal life after returning from a truly epic trip to Greece. I’ve been back for almost two weeks, but I’m still reliving everything about my trip any chance I can. From soaking up the sun (with SPF, of course) to stuffing my face with feta cheese 24/7, Greece was *everything* — but my trip wouldn’t have been the same without a seriously legit drugstore beauty product that I turned to every single day (in addition to my must-pack travel beauty products).


Oils are total life-savers when you travel, people. Not only are they multifunctional, but they’re also small and easy to pack, and they seriously get the job done. I used an entire bottle of Yes to Miracle Oil Argan Oil ($13) on my two-week-long trip. I opened the one-ounce bottle on the first day and went through the entire bottle by the time I left! Here’s how I used it:


This stuff is as multipurpose as it gets. Every single night, I would put this super nourishing oil in my hair (focusing it on my sun- and saltwater-fried ends) so it could work its magic overnight and leave my locks stronger, smoother and healthier by the time I woke up. I spent one day in the ocean for hours and hours and hours, which made my hair feel extra parched. I SLATHERED my hair in this oil, put a towel on my pillow, washed my hair in the morning and instantly noticed an improved look and feel when my hair dried.


I have pretty sensitive skin that gets angry when I travel, so let’s just say my face was not in good shape my first few days in Greece (I traveled for 15+ hours, ew!). Morning, noon and night, I would apply this oil to my face — seriously, I put it on three times a day. My skin absolutely drank it up because of how dry it was. Beyond that, argan oil can brighten the skin, which I def noticed after using this product for several days. Oh, and if you get — gasp! — sunburned, this argan oil provides great relief to the sensitive skin on your face.


After spending a particularly long day on a boat and in the sun, sand and surf, my skin didn’t know what to do. My legs felt super dry while my shoulders were slightly sunburned, and the EPIC bug bites I got didn’t help. That’s what vacationing hard will do to you! This oil was my go-to product at the end of the day and a multi-purpose lifesaver. It hydrated my dry skin and soothed any irritated spots I had (lookin’ at you, massive mosquito bites). I dare you to take this on vacation with you and not be obsessed!

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