Watch out, Justin Timberlake, there’s a new band of dudes on the block that are crushing it with their rendition of a Michael Jackson tune. But instead of melting hearts with smooth crooning (oh JT!), The Bottle Boys are using their breath to pay tribute to the King of Pop in a totally unique way.

As the Denmark group’s name suggests, the five-man band plays beer bottles. They blow, huff + puff to coax musical notes out of one or two glass vessels at a time. As you can hear from their quirky cover of “Billie Jean,” the control they have over their DIY instruments is absolutely bonkers. Wearing neon cozies full of 10 bottles around their necks, the group nails the tune’s iconic hook, harmonizes like total pros and impressively mimics MJ’s melody as they move their lips from bottle to bottle.

The video is already making the rounds on FB + Twitter, and it’s no surprise why (especially when it starts picking up around 1:18!). Adorable guys jamming out to a classic pop track in a truly wow-worthy way? Be sure to share this feel-good gem!

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