It鈥檚 beer o鈥檆lock, and we鈥檝e got a brand new online class that鈥檚 all about the brewskis. Introducing Beer Brewing 101, taught by our badass brewer BFF, Erica Shea of Brooklyn Brew Shop.


Erica鈥檚 class makes beer brewing super doable right from the comfort of your kitchen. Plus, at the end of her class, you鈥檒l have a refreshing batch of grapefruit honey ale to enjoy while you鈥檙e catching those last rays of summer.

Believe it or not, in just 30 minutes you鈥檒l be ready to begin brewing your first batch of beer. How cool is that?

In the online class, Erica will walk you through all the steps to brew your beer, from mashing grain and sparging (say what!?) to adding in ingredients, and finally sitting back, relaxing and watching the effects of the fermentation process.


Just imagine: After the four-week fermentation period, you and your friends will be saying 鈥渃heers鈥 with glasses of your very own spirited goodness inside. And think of all the delicious concoctions you can try out next.


Want all the ingredients and tools to get started? Grab the Grapefruit Honey Beer Brewing Kit ($40) for 10% off with purchase of the class!

And your awesome teacher, by the way, loves beer (duh!). But she actually didn鈥檛 fall in love with it until she starting making it. In fact, she describes her first batch as really old school. She used huge equipment, made a huge mess and has been hooked ever since. She started Brooklyn Brew Shop in 2009 to help others in their beer-making adventures (with less of the mess, of course).


So what are you waiting for? Get your brew on today.

What flavor of beer would you love to brew up? Let鈥檚 brainstorm in the comment section below.