Tomorrow is the Super Bowl: We’re going to see two awesome teams face off for all the glory and we’re going to make some seriously yummy spreads! To get you properly geared up for the game, here are the best apps of the week — every one of them is guaranteed to enhance your game day but brilliant enough to keep even after the show is over. There’s Sports Illustrated’s new app, a chat app for your friends or anyone who shares your interests and the most buzzed-about new weather app that’s currently topping the App Store’s charts. Check it all out below.


1. Poncho: Poncho is a weather app that will help you start your day (perhaps game day?) off right. It gives you the forecast with a custom message guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Plus it comes with GIFs, a cute alarm clock and lots of jokes.

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2. Tunity: Ever been at a bar that’s so loud you can’t hear the game that’s playing on TV? Meet Tunity, the app that’s going to solve that problem. All you have to do is scan the TV and Tunity will provide the audio, so you can plug in your headphones or connect your phone to a bluetooth speaker.

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3. Sports Illustrated: The iconic sports mag has finally, finally released their smartphone app — just in time for Super Bowl 50 no less! Get all the stats, pro insights and articles so you can read up and enhance your game experience.

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4. Grandstand: Grandstand gives you the real-life fan experience directly from the stands. Share and check out highlights with other fans, record videos for others if you’re physically at a game or check out what other people have uploaded for the ultimate sports experience.

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5. Talkk: Whether you’re cheering on your team or having fun trash-talking the opponent, Talkk will give you a platform to connect with other fans (and others who will like your comments with emojis). You can join or create channels with specific topics, then invite your friends or anyone else who has something to say on the subject. And of course, Talkk isn’t limited to only sports convos — feel free to chat about whatever your heart desires!

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