Hi, everyone! I鈥檓 so excited to be a Guest Editor of Brit + Co for the month of May. I did a ton of party planning for my new book, Celebrate. But of all the parties featured in the book, my wedding was my favorite one, of course.

Aside from how magical the day was, I learned so much in the process 鈥 including a few tips that translate to planning other types of soir茅es too. Once you plan a big wedding, hosting a birthday party or baby shower will probably feel like a piece of cake in comparison (pun intended!). So as Guest Editor, I鈥檒l be bringing you a series of party posts each Wednesday with some of my best advice for planning your big day and beyond! Today, I鈥檇 like to start off with some bridal beauty tips.


Whether you鈥檙e used to being the center of attention or you鈥檙e typically more of a wallflower, your wedding is one day when all eyes will be on you. It will also probably be one of the most photographed days in your life, so it goes without saying that you want to look your best. You also deserve to feel as beautiful as you are happy. So with that said, here are three bits of beauty advice every bride should know鈥


There鈥檚 so much pressure to look the most beautiful you鈥檒l ever look on your wedding day, that brides often go overboard. But you don鈥檛 want to look back at your wedding photos and not recognize the woman in the white dress. Your wedding聽style should be a more dressed-up version of your everyday style. So when choosing your hair and makeup looks, think about looking like yourself 鈥 but on a really, really good day.

If you always wear your hair down, an elegant updo might not be the right choice for you. Instead, consider romantic waves or loose curls. If you鈥檝e never sported a bold lipstick or a red lip before, don鈥檛 have your wedding day be the first time you try it out. Instead, stick with a slightly richer version of the same shade you always carry in your makeup bag.


While your bridal beauty look can have the same overall aesthetic as your everyday look, the actual products you use might differ. This is because your wedding hair and makeup must be designed to withstand the elements, so to speak. In order to have your beauty look last throughout the afternoon and evening (and any possible tears), you鈥檒l want to swap out your normal mascara for a waterproof version and use other products with serious staying power.

Even if you鈥檙e not normally big on hairspray, do yourself a favor and add a little extra hold to your locks. You鈥檒l know you made the right decision when your hairstyle is still in tact after a night of dancing!


I鈥檝e known some brides who are so afraid of becoming a bridezilla that they end up too far on the other end of the spectrum. As long as you treat everyone around you with kindness, it鈥檚 perfectly okay to be particular. This is your wedding day, after all. Especially when it comes to hair and makeup, you don鈥檛 want to end up with a look that feels less than perfect.

Book hair and makeup trials for聽your wedding day look at least four months ahead of time. Pull photos for inspiration, and don鈥檛 be afraid to be picky. These trials exist for a reason. Things might not look perfect the first time, and you can work with your hair stylist and makeup artist to find a look you truly love. It鈥檚 your day to look and feel your absolute best.

What other tips would you add for brides wanting to look their best on their big day? Tweet me @LaurenConrad!

XO Lauren

PS: See you back here next Wednesday!