That’s right, it might be a weekend (woo hooooo) but that doesn’t mean you’re off the clock, pro queens out there. This week’s app roundup is serving up the best apps of the week under a couple important categories: news and photos. I know, I know, I could have spent 300 words telling you about Tindog, the Tinder for dog owners (yup), but instead, we’re talking beautiful videos, easy-to-find photos and all the news that’s fit to scroll through on your smartphone.


1. LinkedIn Pulse: Kind of like “theSkimm” that goes all day, this newsy, just-updated app will personalize and curate your reading list based on what others in your professional circle are reading and sharing. If Digg (or BuzzFeed’s newest news app… yup, keep reading) is the app you skim so you’re in the know before you head to a dinner party, LinkedIn Pulse is the news app you want to look through pre-interview or pre-networking event so you can talk the kind of “business” your fellow #girlbosses talk.

DL It: Free on Android and iOS


2. PicJoy: Until our native camera apps become as smart as we want and need them to be (Google Photos, you’re doing well), there are a couple sweet downloads that will make finding that perfect pic to post on the next throwback Thursday easier than anything you could do left to your own folder-making devices. The search function on PicJoy is pretty incredible, using metadata to let you find photos based on who you’re with, location, season, time, event, weather, you name it. And name it you shall, by creating tags for events or individual shots that let you scroll down memory lane as easy as that.

Search function aside, PicJoy also works like the opposite of a social network, allowing you to turn your personal photo stream into a diary of stories detailed with your own notes and memories of the place or day you photographed, which might just be its best feature.

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3. Adobe Hue: In the last year, Adobe has served up some seriously exciting apps that extend the Photoshop/Creative Cloud experience to our phone in ways that just make sense. With the latest release, you can use your snaps as templates for your very own bespoke filters. Capture the color and light you love from a favorite pic, save it as a specific filter and recreate the look and feel (and hue!) in another photo. Looks like there were some complaints and subsequent bug fixes after the release this week, so here’s hoping those star ratings keep rising.

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4. Cameo: Although we’ve shown some love to this app before, a year later Vimeo’s kiddy is emerging from its cocoon as a whole new download/beautiful butterfly. Stripped of the social network-esque features you’ll remember from the first release, Cameo 2.0 is now a straight-up gorgeous video editor that encourages users to treat their iPhone videos as they would Instagrams. Filter them, set them to music, add font and edit them together to create mini movies you’re glad are over 6 or 15 seconds long. Watch above + check out some of the videos edited using Cameo here.

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5. BuzzFeed News: Come see the harder side of your favorite listicle generator (also, please direct all clickbait complaints that-a-way ;) with BuzzFeed’s all-grown-up new app that’s focused strictly on news. Similar to what The New York Times tried with the not-super-successful app NYT Now, this download serves up the boasted “best and most important” stories of the day, chosen by BF editors. The site’s longform content and deep dive investigations have been eclipsing their quiz content, so here’s hoping this makes you want to share more of their content than just which Sex and the City character you are. (WE ARE ALL ALL OF THEM ALL THE TIME IN DIFFERENT PERCENTAGES!!!!)

DL It: Free on iOS, Android version coming this fall

What was your favorite download this week? Share with us below!