Is there a doctor in the house? There can be one in your pocket at all times, with one of this week’s must-download apps that hooks you up with a doc to answer all of your textable Qs. With the five apps we’re most excited about this week + one that will make a future list fo sho, you can also add on-demand laundry, personal stylist and the soundtrack of your life to what’s chillin’ in your pocket. Keep reading and start downloading!

1. First Opinion: WebMD is going to really miss the frantic Google searches that lead you to them after you download this app. We’re all about living a more connected life, but this is a connection you can really use: one to a doc that will answer medical answers around the clock in nine minutes or less. Better yet, this could help you bypass that co-pay or the morning off from work. Oo, or it could give you a morning off of work — do screenshots count as doctor’s notes? They will now.

Cost: Free for iOS

2. Blynk: Like Tinder for fashion, this lets you swipe through a virtual shopping mall of outfits. And even better than Tinder, Blynk learns what you like and dislike to deliver up personalized fashion recs for every 20 outfits you flip through. Finally, matches you will happily share with your friends.

Cost: Free for Android and iOS

3. Cameo: Think about that thing that can give you goosebumps when you’re watching a movie — no, not a Hemsworth brother, a sick soundtrack. The videos you’ve been taking and sharing from your phone could use a boost in the muzak department and this relaunched Vimeo app will do just that. The latest version integrates with the video site and lets you add tracks from indie musicians to your mini films.

Cost: Free for iOS

4. Ultratext: With a tagline like “text messages gone wild,” how can you not love this simple little app? It works like an extension of iMessage to insert photo and text GIFs to friends. This isn’t the first GIF messenger we’ve downloaded, but it’s definitely the sleekest so far.

Cost: Free for iOS

5. Wash App: When you don’t have a washer and dryer in your home or apartment building, laundry can turn into an all day adventure. An “adventure” that involves schlepping a month’s worth of dirty undies three blocks to the closest laundromat. Worst adventure ever. This app makes laundry easy by turning it into an on-demand service. You schedule pickup, someone comes to cart off your clothes and returns them to your doorstep the next day. Wash App is only available in SF for now, but a successful run in the Bay Area could mean on-demand laundry service in more cities soon.

Cost: Free for iOS

BONUS! Coolest Future App: I’m a big fan of Yahoo’s Weather app for iOS. Not only does it give you accurate forecast info (duh, v important in a weather app), but it flashes beautiful Flickr photos that not only show the city you’re scoping out, but reflect the weather condition at the moment. The Daily Dot reports that Yahoo is working on a similar idea for a GPS app that guides you along the scenic route. It’s still in the works, so here’s hoping it’ll be ready for our next road trip — summer 2015? (Photo via Our Open Road)

What was your favorite app download of the week? Which from our recent roundups have you downloaded? Share below!