April Fools’ Day might have made you think that some of the new apps being announced this week were just more too-good-to-be-true Internet tricks, but we sifted through the phonies to find the real deals. And we found some good stuff that all happens to make your life easier. We love a good little life hack

1. NYT Now: The latest launch from The New York Times gives you The Grey Lady 2.0. Here, articles are summarized and top stories are curated and selected by the editors. We love that it briefs you in the AM with the stories that are buzzing first thing too. This is newspaper delivery like we’ve never seen it.

Cost: Free for iOS, although you can only access 10 Times articles per month unless you’re a subscriber

2. ChoreMonster: Hey, Mom and Dad, are your kids always face down in their phones or on the computer? Then let their digital device of choice tell them what chores are on their to do list each day. This app makes household task mastering a game and turns your little rugrats into regular chore monsters.

Cost: Free for iOS

3. GemShare: This handy app turns your network into your own personal Yelp. Instead of trusting strangers to help you pick your hair stylist or gyno of choice, you can request recs from your friends or share your own favorites.

Cost: Free for iOS

4. EasilyDo: Our girl Brit has talked to you about the power of this personal assistant-in-your-pocket app before, but it has added some fun social upgrades since then. Besides rocking your world into organized shape, EasilyDo will now notify you about upcoming concerts and shows in your area. Rock on, ED! It buddies up with Instagram to alert you when people tag you in their pix and shows you trending shots from your feed. Connect to Facebook to use personal photos for bday greetings it’s already doing an awesome job making sure you know about.

Cost: Free for iOS and Android

5. Group XiT: You love your friends, but you hate group texts. Especially ones that your buds start with you and a bunch of randos on it. There’s now an app that will help you get out of them without feeling like a jerk or having to resort to reply all party pooping.

Cost: Free for Android

What new apps did you download this week? Share with us below + let us know if you download any of the above!