Move over, Unicorn Tears — there’s a NEW iridescent lipstick in town! The latest holographic addition to your holiday makeup bag comes courtesy of Bite Beauty in the form of its newly released Unicorn Pearl lipstick, and this one does something *extra* special (hint: it changes colors!).

In addition to looking insanely gorgeous (and totally Insta-worthy) in its packaging, the limited edition shade also promises to be totally mesmerizing on your lips. The holographic hue can be worn on its own or paired with any of your fave traditional shades for a serious dose of metallic, pearly, unicorn-worthy pizazz.

What’s more, as explained by Bite Beauty, “the shimmer transforms from blue to pink in the light,” so your entourage will be treated to a captivating color show as you talk, laugh, and move about.

Alas, the limited-edition shade is available exclusively at Bite Beauty’s Lip Lab, where you can “experience the art of making your very own personalized lipstick” from more than 200 pigments, three finishes, and three scents for $55, located in New York, San Francisco, or Toronto, Canada.

If you can’t quite get there, however, there’s also the brand’s Opal Crème Lipstick ($24), which also promises to deliver an “iridescent glow.”

Here’s hoping Unicorn Pearl’s popularity makes it a nation-wide release in the New Year!

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(Photo via @bitebeauty)